Coffees with Impact - Barcelona+B

Barcelona Activa
117 Carrer de Roc Boronat, ground floor 08018 Barcelona

Let's talk about leading climate action in SMEs!


In this Coffee with Impact we will have Peter Sweatman (Managing Director of Climate Strategy) and Adriana Rodriguez (Research Associate) to talk about how our company can engage in climate action with impact and address the challenges and benefits that this entails.

It will be a coffee where your voice will have an impact: your participation in this workshop will contribute to a study for SME Climate Hub to be presented at COP 27.

In this workshop we will be able to:

  • To understand the regulatory and market trends that are beginning to require sustainable practices by SMEs and how to respond to these trends, including the development of a climate action plan.
  • To analyze the benefits and opportunities involved in the "green" transition of SMEs in a context of insecurity and energy crisis that is negatively impacting all businesses in Europe.
  • Share best practices in sustainability and success stories.
  • To discover initiatives through which SMEs can position their climate leadership at regional, national and international levels.
  • Reflect and discuss together on the challenges they face in their climate transition.

We will be waiting for you!


What is Barcelona+B?

Strategic partners of EADA Business School, Barcelona+B is an alliance of companies, universities, foundations, public institutions, entrepreneurs and citizens. In one of the most polluted metropolises in Europe, we seek to improve the social and environmental impact of companies and citizens while promoting a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive city. Faced with the need to act in the face of the climate crisis and social inequalities, the goal is that we change the way people and companies relate to our place of origin by becoming agents of change in a new economic paradigm. We are all Barcelona+B.