Fundraising and support for talent

Fundraising and support for talent

EADA has contributed over € 500,000 to its scholarship programme to help professionals to realise their professional goals. Our programme of grants and scholarships aims to help disadvantaged groups gain access to training. The EADA Fund for Positive Impact was set up for the purpose of facilitating access to training and employment.

The EADA fundraising programme is open to all those interested in collaborating and helping professionals who want to study but lack the resources. Some of our current projects open to collaboration include:


Help to boost the talent of women entrepreneurs from India who generate social impact by financing their training at EADA.

Collaborate with EADA to turn female entrepreneurs from Africa into global changemakers by supporting their training at EADA Business School.

Collaborate in this full scholarship in honour of our co-founder to promote the talent of women entrepreneurs in the cultural field by supporting their training at EADA Business School.

Collaborate with your company to finance scholarships to train potential talent for your organisation.

This package of scholarships is aimed at unemployed professionals over the age of 45 who have been affected by the global pandemic so that they can receive training and re-enter the labour market.

Collaborate with EADA’s general scholarship fund. All donations will go towards financing the package of scholarships we offer as part of the EADA Fund for Positive Impact.

In addition, we offer a package of scholarships for our Full-time Master’s programmes with professional opportunities in well-known companies such as Inbenta and SAP. These scholarships boost access to the job market for recent graduates.

We also have a regular scholarship programme for women, senior professionals, entrepreneurs, people with disabilities, professionals from the third sector or elite athletes, as well as talent scholarships or travel grants.

We generate talent as a result of these initiatives and support from our collaborators.

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