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Sustainability is one of the main axes of EADA Business School, forming part of its values, research, training and dissemination activities that are created and promoted by the institution. Because the economic, social and environmental challenges of today show the need to redefine the current social and productive model, in addition to financial profit.

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Responsible leadership

We firmly believe in RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP in and from business organisations. Our duty as an educational institution is to help business leaders, through their actions and decisions, to promote the protection of the environment, improve the well-being of all their stakeholders and encourage the same actions from their teams and organisation. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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Real impact

We generate knowledge and transfer sustainability research to training programmes and activities that  create a real impact in the EADA Community and wider society. In 2017, we decided to pioneer research, partnerships, transfer and programmes with a 100% focus on sustainability in the business world.

We provide support to business leaders as they implement sustainability in their organisations.

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Work in progress

Our work continues as we adapt our programmes and ad-hoc training programmes to sustainability and sustainable leadership, promoting further research and study in this area and entering into new agreements and partnerships. We continue to MOVE FORWARD.

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Multiplier effect

We are all called to action to promote change for the common good and EADA starts with its mission: to transfer knowledge to society, through research, training and support for managers, teams, organisations and the business ecosystem. WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER.

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We strongly believe that our mission should generate impact based on these 8 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG nº 4 Quality education
  • SDG nº 5 Gender equality
  • SDG nº 8 Decent work and economic growth
  • SDG nº 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • SDG nº 10 Reduced inequalities 
  • SDG nº 11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • SDG nº 12 Responsible consumption and production 
  • SDG nº 17 Partnerships to achieve the goals 
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Sustainability Hub

Logo EADA Sustainability Hub

The Sustainability Hub is the centre that brings together all the activities that EADA carries out, or promotes in collaboration with its partners, in sustainability, training, research, dissemination and impact for its different stakeholders and encourages participation in future initiatives.
Its purpose is to:

  1. Carry out research
  2. Teach and disseminate
  3. Generate impact

in sustainability in the business environment.

The Sustainability Hub works towards achieving real impact, activating change in our communities through EADA’s research and training resources, the academic team, our students, partners and its resulting multiplier effect.

EADA works on joint projects with leading changemakers such as Ashoka o B Lab to achieve a greater impact.

The Sustainability Hub: main areas

Sustainability Hub Main Areas


We contribute research to the field of sustainability science

  • Research projects carried out by our expert faculty team analyse and generate knowledge in the field of sustainability
  • Publication and dissemination of results
  • Development of case studies and learning material which is transferred to our programmes
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We bring sustainability closer to the EADA Community as well as public and private organisations

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We set up collaboration agreements and partnerships with leading organisations and institutions that support sustainability initiatives and education and work together to promote initiatives. These include: B Lab Spain, Ashoka and CREAF.

Find out more about EADA’s collaborations and partners in sustainability >>

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We work towards professional equity so that all professionals have access to quality training programmes through scholarships and fundraising.

Find out more and collaborate with EADA’s scholarship and fundraising programmes >>

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our participants, staff and faculty team to become purpose-driven professionals in sustainability.

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We disseminate and teach the importance of sustainable business with communication actions, events, reports and articles. 

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We have set up various internal initiatives to promote sustainability among our staff and faculty members.

Find out more >>



We explain the principles of sustainability in our programmes.

We transfer our research in sustainability to our training programmes:

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Tracks and training itineraries in sustainability 

An important part of our training programmes includes different specialisations that promote sustainability and its importance in the business world.

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Ad-hoc corporate training in sustainability

We design custom training programmes so that companies that are aware, ready or have decided to move towards change, can transform their work model to one that is more sustainable in the areas of environment, society and finance to create a more positive impact. We also organise complementary activities such as conferences, meetings and material on relevant topics including circular economy, diversity and inclusion, sustainable marketing and leadership for sustainable transformation.

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Training programmes in sustainability for our International Partners

We provide training in sustainability and innovation for our international partners.


We support professionals on their journey towards change

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In our training programmes and methodology, we advocate sustainable leadership, which is based not only on improving the professional competencies and skills of our participants but also by promoting and incorporating values and practices related to human sustainability, society, the environment, the economy, ethics and equal opportunities into their professional development.

Find out how

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The creation of our specific training and research projects is made possible by our academic team. EADA has a team of faculty and research experts in sustainability who carry out research projects and develop materials to be transferred onto the EADA programmes. We also regularly invite guest professors and professionals from the field to impart sustainable leadership in all the EADA programmes.

Meet EADA’s team of faculty experts in sustainability


Key quantitative indicators

5 Specific sustainability programmes
300+ Students who received training on Open Programmes in sustainability
38 Final projects carried out on sustainability
90 Full or partial scholarships granted through the EADA Fund for Positive Impact
7 Partnerships between EADA and partners in the field of sustainability
6 Initiatives set up by EADA, partners or led by students to promote sustainability
2 Internal initiatives organised by EADA to promote sustainability
29 Research projects in sustainability promoted by EADA (completed and ongoing)
1Leaders4Good: Biannual study on the sustainability rating of managers in Spain. Study carried out in partnership with Both.People & Comms
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Collaborations and support

We support global and local organisations that generate a positive impact in society. EADA has joined forces with some of the leading organisations in sustainability to achieve a greater impact for their initiatives in their Community and society.

EADA collaborates with:

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Professionals for change


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