EADA's wireless network enables all the members of its community to access the web using WiFi technology, providing mobility, swift surfing speed and a secure online work environment.

EADA's WiFi access service goes beyond providing access to the network on EADA's premises. EADA Business School also participates in the Eduroam global mobility project with the aim of facilitating Internet access to memebrs of other education and research institutions when they are visiting our premises and likewise to members of the EADA community when they visit other institutions.

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What is Eduroam?

Eduroam is an initiative under the auspices of GEANT and coordinated by the Géant2 JRA5 project, and it is intended to facilitate mobility among European students and researchers by providing an Internet roaming connection. Hence, users from the Institutions taking part in the a Eduroam project may access the net from any other participant institution.

What advantages does Eduroam provide?

Eduroam is a WiFi network service that is operational in the majority of university centres around the world. Subsequently, a user from a centre affiliated to Eduroam can have internet access in any other affiliated centre other than their own, simply by entering his/her credentials. Hence, members of the EADA community can access the Eduroam network when they are visiting affiliated institutions and vice versa.

What are the regulations concerning Eduroam?

By taking part on the project EADA implicitly acceps Eduroam's terms and conditions of use.

The following link displays a map of Eduroam locations in Spain.