El Sustainability Hub de EADA participates and collaborates with various initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability in its environment and disseminating the importance of sustainability in today's business world. These initiatives include:

BCN+B Logo


We are strategic partners of Barcelona+B, an initiative launched in 2022 and promoted by Barcelona City Council through Barcelona Activa, Ferrer, B Lab Spain and EADA.

This initiative, which is the first in Spain, seeks to improve the social and environmental impact of companies and citizens in Barcelona, making them the primary agents of change and positive transformation. It aims to bring companies, universities, foundations, public institutions, entrepreneurs and citizens together to make Barcelona become a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive city, projecting it as a leading city in business transformation and in its contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at local level.

Barcelona+B is part of the Cities CAN B programme (Cuidades+B), which is a worldwide movement aimed at mobilising hundreds of thousands of people around the world as well as other agents of change to improve the cities they live in.

Barcelona+B has programmed a series of activities and initiatives to respond to the main social and environmental challenges the city faces, such as participatory events and meetings, some of which take place on EADA’s Aragó campus.

Find out more about this initiative and participate:

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#BCorp movement

EADA regularly collaborates with B Corp on our programmes:
B Corp is a movement that unites over 4,500 companies worldwide which are involved in transforming the economy and measuring business success on the well-being of people, communities and the planet.

Manifesto for the legal recognition of purpose-driven and common good companies

In 2021, we signed the Manifesto for the legal recognition of purpose-driven and common good companies organised by Fundación B Lab Spain, which also promotes the #BCorp movement in Spain and the BCN+B initiative.


EADA was one of 400 organizaciones to this manifesto which has led the Spanish Congress to agree to legislation that recognises companies that generate social and environmental value, apart from their economic value. This is one step forward on the path to building a new inclusive and sustainable economic and business model for all people.


EADA organises the IPSERA 2023 Systemic Change conference

We are the organisers of the IPSERA 2023 Systemic Change conference, which is due to take place in Barcelona in April 2023. This conference will focus on the social impact supply chains that provide solutions to urgent environmental and social problems. We have invited global experts to discuss the themes of systemic change and the social impact of the supply chain.

IPSERA 2023 Systemic Change

The EADA Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club at EADA is an initiative promoted and organised by alumni from the Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation. It involves participation from EADA alumni, networking and debate focused on sustainability.

The Sustainability Club has organised a range of activities to disseminate and promote sustainability among its members such as the ‘Sustainable Habits Community Challenge’, fundraising for charities as well as various conferences and debates surrounding current sustainability issues.

In-house initiatives at EADA

We have promoted internal initiatives for EADA staff which foster and disseminate sustainability to make EADA become a sustainable workplace. These initiatives include: the EADA Teaming project which raises funds for social projects, blood donation campaigns and in-house training sessions on digital disconnection, healthy eating, ergonomics etc.