Sustainability Hub

Sustainability Hub

Sustainability is one of the main axes of EADA Business School, forming part of its values, research, training and dissemination activities created and promoted by the institution.

We firmly believe in sustainable leadership in and from business organisations. Our duty as an educational institution is to help organisations and managers, through their actions and decisions, to promote the protection of the environment, improve the well-being of all their stakeholders and encourage the same actions from their team and their organisation.

We believe in the multiplier effect of organisations and professionals in their environment.

sustainable leadership in and from business organisations

The Sustainability Hub brings together all the activities that EADA designs, implements and promotes in relation to sustainability: training, research and dissemination.

It develops initiatives and projects to:

Generate knowledge and training programmes


Share knowledge


Train participants for broad social change


With the aim of training purpose-driven professionals and sustainable companies, and empowering people and organisations to lead the transformation through sustainability and social change.



Actively work with different stakeholders

Including non-profit organisations, NGOs and the public administration to identify their main challenges and develop viable solutions.

We use a proven Intervention Research method, which involves working in close collaboration with institutions to diagnose a problem and generate solutions.

Our partnerships in this area include some of the leading experts in intervention research, such as CNAM and ISEOR.

developing viable solutions
promote trainings, projects and activities for organisations

Promotes training, projects and activities for organisations

As a result of the knowledge acquired from various sustainability research projects, carried out by our expert academic team at EADA, our collaborators, partners and EADA Community, who help us achieve a greater impact.


Main projects of the Sustainability Hub for companies

Custom training

We provide ad-hoc corporate training programmes in sustainability with the aim of transforming a company’s working model towards one that is more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable and creates a more positive impact.

We provide a range of corporate programmes that cover the main areas of analysis, diagnosis, formulation of objectives and strategy, implementation and temporality.


Analysis, diagnosis, formulation of objectives and strategy

Some examples of training courses carried out:

EADA - Bureau Veritas Expert in Sustainability

This programme, in joint partnership with Bureau Veritas, gives participants an insight into the environmental and social challenges facing businesses today, enabling them to design the first roadmap for their organisation towards sustainability.

Training in collaboration with Bureau Veritas as part of the Circular Economy Programme

We complement these custom training programmes with conferences, meetings, materials and other activities on relevant topics such as the circular economy, diversity and inclusion, sustainable marketing and leadership for sustainable transformation, among others.

These training programmes and actions receive design input from the knowledge generated from sustainability research by the EADA academic team, which draws on their expertise in different areas of sustainability including supply chain, marketing and strategy.


We promote and participate in initiatives to support sustainable and responsible companies


We are strategic partners of Barcelona+B: a B Lab Spain initiative launched in 2022 and promoted by Barcelona City Council through Barcelona Activa, Ferrer, B Lab Spain and EADA. It aims to improve the social and environmental impact of companies and citizens in Barcelona so that they become the city’s main agents of change and positive transformation.

 Manifesto for the legal recognition of purpose-driven and common-interest companies

We signed the Manifesto for the legal recognition of purpose-driven and common good companies. As a result, the Spanish Congress has approved the creation of a law that recognises companies that create social and environmental value, beyond their economic value.

IPSERA 2023 Systemic Change

We organise events to train and disseminate the importance of sustainability in organisations and their operational departments. For example, IPSERA 2023 Systemic Change, which will take place in Barcelona in April 2023 and will focus on the social impact supply chains that provide solutions to urgent environmental and social problems.


Collaborations and partnerships

To achieve greater impact, EADA Business School establishes collaborations and partnerships with leading organisations in sustainability and systemic change, both locally and internationally. We have joined forces with the following organisations to carry out research, training and disseminate sustainable business:

B Lab

B Lab is a non-profit organisation driving systemic change to build an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy for all people and the planet.
To fulfil this vision, it creates corporate standards, policies and tools to monitor and support the business community leading the transformation to a new economic paradigm.

We collaborate with B Lab in the following ways:

B Corp

B Corp Spain collaborates on our programmes regularly. B Corp is a movement that unites over 4,500 companies around the world that are involved in transforming the economy and measuring business success on the well-being of people, communities and the planet.

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We are strategic partners of the Barcelona+B initiative alongside B Lab and other leading organisations, such as Barcelona City Council and Ferrer. This pioneering project was launched in 2022 with the aim of improving the social and environmental impact of companies and citizens in Barcelona.

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We signed the Manifesto for the legal recognition of purpose-driven and common good companies. As a result, the Spanish Congress has approved the creation of a law that recognises companies that create social and environmental value, beyond their economic value.

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EADA has a strategic agreement with Ashoka Spain, a leading non-profit organisation in the field of social entrepreneurship.
Through this agreement, we promote social innovation to solve challenges with the help of entrepreneurs who inspire others and change the world (changemakers). 

We have also implemented the following actions:


Students participation

Students from the Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation have participated in various social projects led by Ashoka entrepreneurs. In this way, we promote pedagogical knowledge in the field of social innovation through the development of joint projects.

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Final projects

The final projects from the participants of the Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation were based on social projects developed by Ashoka entrepreneurs. This was a unique opportunity for them to become changemakers as well as learn from organisations that are changing the world, becoming inspired and inspiring those around them.

Ashoka's participation

Ashoka's participates in leading sustainability programmes, such as the Postgraduate in Sustainable Transformation.

In addition, an agreement with Ashoka has recently been signed to set up its permanent office on EADA’s Barcelona campus.


Through our agreement with CREAF, we promote collaboration initiatives based on research, dissemination and classroom training.

UN Global Compact

EADA is a signatory of the Spanish Global Compact Network (UN Global Compact). As a member, we incorporate and disseminate the 10 principles of the Global Compact related to Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.


We collaborate with the communication agency Both People & Comms, specialists in the transformative power of communication to humanise organisations, to conduct biannual research and analysis of more than 400 managers in the Leaders4Good study: Sustainability and Leadership of Managers in Spain.

As a result of our collaboration with Both, we have launched and disseminated the first Leaders4Good study: Sustainability and Leadership of Managers in Spain.


CFA is a global institution, located on all five continents, that represents the largest association of investment professionals worldwide. It is a leader in promoting the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence through its CFA accreditation.

We have partnered with CFA Society Spain for the ESG Investment Programme, which focuses on the main areas of Sustainable Finance, including ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria.

Registration on the programme also grants participants an annual membership to the CFA Society Spain, which puts participants in contact with the network of Spanish professionals with the CFA accreditation, as well as opportunities to participate in CFA activities and have access to job offers.


The PRME platform is a UN initiative that aims to raise the profile of sustainability in business schools around the world. It equips today's business students with the knowledge and ability to create future change.

In 2007, we signed and applied its 6 PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) principles in all our programmes: Purpose, Values, Methodology, Research, Collaboration and Dialogue.

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