Why do we exist?

Our mission is to promote the professional development and growth of people, as well as the transformation of organisations, in order to contribute to a more fair, supportive and sustainable society.


How do we do it?

Our activity focuses on training, research, and the transfer of talent and knowledge to the business world.

We work with our own model of Sustainable Leadership:

Leadership that not only enhances professional skills and abilities but also values ​​and practices based on sustainability and on an environment that fosters social, environmental, economic, ethical and equal opportunities.

Where will we get to?

Our vision is to bring closer the reality of current and future management.

We firmly believe that purpose-driven professionals and organisations generate an impact and a multiplier effect on society, both in existing companies that will move towards more sustainable models, and in organisations that are already born natively with a purpose.

We will continue to promote the 3 axes on which our learning is based: innovation, sustainability and leadership, accompanying our participants in their personal and professional development.

Main axes of action










Barcelona has a long history of business, industry, commerce and tourism. The privileged location of its 2 urban campuses (Campus 1 - Aragó and Campus 2 - Provença) together with the residential training campus in Collbató, allows our programs to incorporate and reflect the best of the cosmopolitan culture of the city and its province, its history and receptive attitude towards diversity, multiculturalism, creativity and innovation.

We develop applied and relevant research, whose objective is to impact our programs and strengthen our relationships with institutions and companies that we help in their growth.

Our objective is to train and accompany managers in deepening and improving their professional skills and competencies, as well as becoming aware of their potential multiplier effect to transform companies into organisations with a positive impact on society. Promoting responsible leadership is key to our training.

We focus on helping and facilitating the development and transformation of people and organisations in the different phases of their career and professional life. We are firmly committed to a world of business with a purpose driven by organisations whose strategy is oriented beyond generating economic growth and value to society, with social responsibility and ethical conduct, and taking care of the common well-being of their interest groups.

Do you want to know more details about us?

Consult the Activities Report and learn more about the spirit of EADA, our commitment, the impact generated, or our team and work.