International Business Weeks

Our custom programmes are ideal for those who are looking for a better understanding of the different areas of business and who wish to develop management skills and explore the most innovative concepts of leadership in a global world.

These programmes are delivered with practical methodologies, placing the focus on participation and teamwork.  Our International Business Weeks can be held at our Academic Campus in Barcelona city centre, our Residential Training Campus in the village of Collbató or a combination of both centres.

We can also organize these programmes anywhere in the world with our faculty, in English or in Spanish

  • With the proven experience of an international accredited business school.
  • With the know-how of our faculty who have both academic and professional experience.
  • Our team offers you a warm welcome, dedicated attention and efficient management of all your needs.
  • We adapt to the characteristics of each client, co-designing and coordinating every detail.
  • Our International Business Weeks  take a strategic international approach in the current areas of global management.
  • International Business Weeks 01
  • International Business Weeks 02
  • International Business Weeks 03
  • International Business Weeks 04

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