Custom Programmes

Custom Programmes

Why choose customised programmes?

Our customised training programmes can strengthen processes of development, change and improvement and boost processes of creativity and innovation in your organisation.

The programmes are personalized according to the profile of the professionals of the Organization:

  • Committee and Board members
  • Directors and heads of functional areas
  • Employees with the potential to take on management roles or greater responsibility.

The programmes are based on EADA’s areas of expert knowledge:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Human Resources, CSR and Interculturality
  • Finance and Management Control
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations and Supply
  • Project Management and Digital Transformation

Who are our clients?

Business Associations
Public Administration

How we work with companies

  • We complete a detailed analysis
    of the needs, requirements and objectives of the company and the participants.
  • We offer
    personalised and flexible solutions.
  • We work with the company
    to design the programme.
  • We transform
    teams and organisations.
  • We design programmes
    with a rapid and high level of applicability to the participants’ work environment to ensure a return on investment.
We analyze - We offer solutions - We co-design - We transform

Our programmes include business development projects which the organisation can implement to achieve a return on investment.

The participants work on the projects in teams under the supervision of our expert tutors in organisational development and business creation.



Training takes place:

  • At EADA’s central Barcelona campus
  • At our Collbató Residential Training Campus
  • At the client’s own facilities

Training formats

  • On-site classes
    Team cohesion, experiential dynamics and exchange experience
  • Blended learning
  • Online learning
    Flexible and easy to access

Knowledge Areas

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations and Supply Chain
  • Project Management and Digital Transformation
  • Finance and Management Control
  • Human Resources, CSR and Interculturality

Outdoor Training

EADA is the only European business school to have an outdoor training zone at their Collbató Residential Training Campus.  Participants develop their management skills by taking part in experiential activities which add further educational value to our development programmes.

The participants experience and share real-life situations with their teammates.

There is a focus on the importance of team work skills such as communication, trust, finding a common strategy, overcoming challenges, co-operation etc.

Outdoor Training
EADA Methodology

EADA Methodology

EADA has developed a pedagogic model based on the participant taking an active role and “learning by doing” instead of “learning by listening”.

Our programmes use a combination of methodologies which have a 100% practical and active focus based on the preparation and discussion of real case studies, team work, problem analysis, development of specific proposals and action or project planning.

Our methodology:

  • encourages participation, action and pragmatism.
  • promotes the interchange of ideas, self-confidence, learning and development of self-assessment methods.
  • develops skills to manage business resources, to be a team leader and to analyse and solve problems effectively.
  • boosts essential skills in the company, especially the ability to learn and take decisions which affect leadership, change and innovation.
  • applies outdoor training dynamics to soft skills learning.




Success stories



Management and Organisational Leadership Programme

Professional development for company employees who show the potential to take on future leadership roles.


Development Programme for Directors of Primary Health Care Teams

Transformational leadership, leadership skills and tools for developing an innovation project.


Development Programme for Managers

The aim of this programme was to encourage the company to adopt the culture of strategic leadership and innovation.


High Performance Simulator Programme for Management

Intensive and high impact experiential training for the development of leadership skills in a crisis situation.


Organisational development for managers from the healthcare industry

Training designed to increase efficiency, quality and intrapreneurship skills in hospitals.


Accelerate Leadership Programme

Management development programme for middle managers from Germany, Italy, the UK, Poland and Spain.


Runners Management Development Programme

Promote the development of talent to acquire business vision and obtain a global and strategic perspective of the needs of the organization, with the aim of increaseing its competitiveness.


Other examples of our customised training programmes

Strategy and Business vision

  • Strategy and business models
  • Strategy in the VUCA environment
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Impact of the 4.0 Industry
  • Zen Business: Sustainable companies


Management Development

  • Leading high performance teams
  • Agile Mindset - unlearn to relearn
  • Leading change
  • Cross Cultural Training
  • Inspiring Leadership - Leadership 3.0

Functional Processes

  • Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Digital Business
  • Agile Project Management
  • Project Management
  • Change and Digital transformation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Centricity
  • Branding & Integrated Communication
  • Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Finance for non-financial professionals
  • Financial & Risk Assessment
  • Pricing and the value of the quote
  • Finance
  • Making Decisions
  • Complexity Management in Operations and Supply Chains
Custom programmes

Some of EADA’s recent clients

EADA - Clientes - Formación a Medida


Corporate Managers


Luisa Bonilla


Lourdes Cortada


Laura Robert


Marc Voltas



Barcelona City Centre Campus

EADA’s main campus is located at calle Aragón, 204. The building has 8 floors and has recently been remodelled.

It has 16 classrooms, two auditoriums, study rooms, libraries as well as a cafeteria and restaurant.

  • 01-agora
  • 02-auditorio
  • 03-eada-new-building

Collbató Residential Training Campus

Located 40km from Barcelona in the town of Collbató, this training campus is surrounded by nature and has views of the Montserrat mountain range.

It is designed for intensive courses and has areas for both indoor and outdoor training which have been designed to promote the development of management skills, as well as hosting and restoration services.

  • collbato-residential-training-campus-01
  • collbato-residential-training-campus-02
  • collbato-residential-training-campus-03
  • collbato-residential-training-campus-04
  • collbato-residential-training-campus-05
  • collbato-residential-training-campus-06
  • collbato-residential-training-campus-07
  • collbato-residential-training-campus-08

Virtual Campus

The EADA Virtual Campus allows the participant to access a virtual environment which contains a selection of expert resources (videos, technical notes, articles, e-books, databases etc.)

EADA Virtual Campus

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