Campus Provença - Campus 2 in Barcelona

EADA is due to open a new campus in Barcelona: Campus Provença - Campus 2 is in a privileged location in the centre of the city and soon will open its doors to host the bachelor degree programmes and activities.


EADA is to open a new campus, the Barcelona Provença - Campus 2, which is located only 5 minutes from Barcelona Aragó - Campus 1, on calle Provença 216. It is in a privileged location in central Barcelona, offering a wide range of services and public transport to provide students with a fully immersive experience in the city.

The building, which shares architectural similarities with the campus on calle Aragó, has nine floors and covers an area of 4,200 m². It has recently undergone a full refurbishment and is LEED certified, a globally recognised symbol of sustainability to create environmentally friendly buildings.


Inside the building, the lighting, air renewal and air conditioning systems have a permanent monitoring mechanism and both terraces and the interior courtyard have a landscaped area with automatic irrigation. All of the parking spaces have electric chargers, which will promote the use of non-polluting vehicles.

EADA’s decision to open a new Campus was driven by the successful launch of the first bachelor’s degree at EADA, the EADA-SKEMA Global BBA, which is due to start in September 2022, and will coincide with the launch of the second bachelor’s degree in technology.

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