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Por-que-Eada-01-Experiencias-contrastadasWe are an independent, non-profit institution founded in 1957 and we became a Private University Foundation in 1984. EADA is dedicated to training, applied research and knowledge transfer to the business world and to society in an international context.

Our presence in The Financial Times Rankings and the Accreditations granted to us by independent,  international organizations (EQUIS, AMBA) recognize the quality and depth of our experience. In addition, EADA is a member of the most prestigious associations and organizations in the sector.

As an organization we consider that the objective of maximum business efficiency must go hand-in-hand with the principles of social responsibility and the defense of global sustainability in all our training programs.

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EADA Global CampusPor-que-Eada-02-Campus

Through the global campus (Collbató Residential Training Campus and EADA Virtual Campus), each participant and alumni feels the campus as a continuum: in and out of class, face-to-face and virtual, during and after EADA.

EADA’s main Barcelona City Centre Campus keeps participants close to business - in the urban core of the city. The Collbató Residential Training Campus is specially designed to enable the experiential outdoor training methodology, which enhances the development of personal competences.

Our two physical campuses are enhanced by the EADA Virtual Campus which provides access to specialized resources (videos, technical notes, articles, ebooks, etc.) and collaborative tools. The use of these resources and tools to work in virtual teams builds digital skills that will be valuable in your professional environment.

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Por-que-Eada-03-Comunidad For more than 50 years EADA has been at the forefront of management education and in-company training programmes for the business community.

We are an institution based on the values ​​of effort, commitment and a job well done. Our mission is to contribute to a more just, balanced and sustainable society.

More than 120,000 participants from more than 40 different countries have entrusted us with their training, demonstrating that EADA is one of the most innovative and prestigious business schools in Europe. We involve the participants of our programmes as the main players in their own professional development process.

Our continued relationship with more than 350 Associated Companies is the backbone of programmes that respond to the needs of the corporate world.

We share a sense of community through close ties between our partner companies and the professionals who have passed through our classrooms.These connections  promote the management and generation of knowledge to serve people, individuals, teams, projects, companies and countries.

EADA is an open, plural and diverse institution. We look forward to working with you to understand and respond to your training needs.

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