Finance and Management Control

Barbara Muñoz Del Amo

Barbara Muñoz Del Amo

Bárbara Muñoz holds a degree in Business Administration from the UB and an Executive MBA from EADA. She has actively participated in development projects and launches of innovative products in the chemical, atmosphere, decoration and original gift sector. Her expertise in the financial, marketing and commercial areas acquired as Head of Administration at Combakett, Product Manager of Ambicar air fresheners, founding partner of Novaoil Energy, renewable energy and innovation consulting, Head of Distribution Department of Mr. Wonderful or Brand Manager of Kye. Bárbara is an associate professor at EADA specialized in strategy, business models and business financing.

MBA - Master of Business Administration | , EADA

BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration | , Universitat de Barcelona


Consultant and Advisor, (2017-)

International Product Manager – Ambicar Products, COMBAKETT S.L. (2006-)

Business Developer and CEO, Novaoil Energy S.L. (2006-)

Sales Manager, Mr. Wonderful (2016-2017)

Administrative Head, COMBAKETT S.L. (2002-2006)