Global BBA

Global BBA FAQs

About the programme…

The Global BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) is a title equivalent to an EHEA university degree qualification (240 ECTS credits).

Both, EADA and SKEMA, Business Schools are accredited by international and high standard Accreditations.

EADA Business School is recognized as Top 30 Best European Business Schools by the Financial Times and Top 100 Best MBAs Worldwide

Yes, the qualification we deliver is endorsed by the French Ministry of Education as EHEA Bachelors Degree (240 ECTS credits).

Our Global BBA allows our students to obtain a recognised double degree:
The SKEMA's Global BBA degree and the EADA Business School Diploma.

Yes, the programme is 100% in english.

No, however it is highly recommended, internships abroad are not mandatory.

Although, you have to complete an internship experience along the 4 years BBA to achieve the credits you need to graduate.

About the Fees and Scholarships…

The tuition fees are split in 3 different payments:

  • Enrollment fees: 10% as soon as you are admitted to reserve your spot.
  • 2nd payment in October
  • 3rd payment in December

About what will happen after graduation…

The EADA - SKEMA BBA is worth 24​0 ECTS credits. The qualification we deliver is endorsed by the French Ministry of Education as EHEA Bachelors Degree.

A bachelor's degree allows entry directly into the workplace or entry into a higher level course such as a master of science, which, after 12 to 18 months of study, leads to a master's degree.

About living in Barcelona…

EADA Business School has agreements with different student residences. Barcelona offers a lot of choices for student accommodations.

Please ask our staff for more information.

Barcelona is a safe and multicultural city. Based between the mountain and the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona accommodates a lot of different neighborhoods.

Our Barcelona Campus is located in the city center, Calle Aragó 204.

Close to the campus you can find Metro stations, Buses stations and bicing services.