Double Degree Global BBA and Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Admis​sions for the Double Degree Global BBA and Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

We are excited to get to get to know candidates during the admissions process. We aim to select well-rounded candidates who will not only succeed in the programme, but also add value, contribute meaningfully and help create a learning environment in which all participants reach their full potential.

We seek to fill our classes with the most promising students in terms of motivation, commitment and growth potential.

Successful candidates tend to possess the following qualities, which are closely linked to growth: open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability.

Admissions process: year 1 students and transfer students

We offer one intake in September

Applicants must hold a minimum of a High School Diploma (12 years of primary and secondary school).

E.g. Bachillerato Español, International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, American High School Diploma, Abitur, etc.

  1. Complete your application online and upload the required documents:
    1. Copy of high school degree (required for candidates who have completed their degree only)
    2. Transcripts from the two last years of high school*
    3. Passport photo
    4. 2 letters of recommendation
    5. Copy of foreign passport or Spanish ID
    6. CV / Resume
    7. Letter of motivation
  2. Submit English test results. Candidates have 2 options:
    1. Option 1: Submit the results of a standardised English test. The minimum recommended score is the equivalent to a B2 Level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This is equivalent to the following scores: TOEFL (72-94), IELTS (5.5-6), Cambridge (160-179). Our TOEFL school code is 7024.
    2. Option 2: Candidates who are native speakers or have completed at least one year of their schooling in English may be eligible for a waiver, pending review by the Admissions Committee.
  3. Pay the application fee (100 €)
  4. Complete an admissions Interview
    This interview aims to identify and assess your reasons for applying, your career goals and your openness to the world today. Find out some tips for a successful interview.

Admission process for 2nd year

All candidates interested in applying for the second year must go through the same admission process explained above and have studied a degree equivalent to a Degree in Business Administration.

The minimum requirement to be able to apply in the second year, in addition to having obtained a high school diploma, is to have obtained 60 ECTS at your current university.

EADA only accepts 1st year students from other universities to enter the 2nd year of the programme. See our transfer student FAQ here.

Programme taught in English

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Admission rounds: Double Degree Global BBA & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence

EADA has several admission rounds for our undergraduate programmes. Applicants must fill out the online application form, upload all of the required documents, pay the application fee and do the interview with the programme director before the corresponding deadline to be considered for an admission round. We recommend completing your application package on the online admissions platform 2 weeks before the admission round deadline to ensure that you have time to complete the remaining steps.

Applying early will ensure that candidates have ample time to complete the visa process as well as any supplementary language work required. For candidates interested in scholarships, we strongly recommend applying to the early admission rounds.

Candidates who are admitted will have 15 days from the date of admission to enroll in the programme.

Once all of the places in the programme have been filled, a waiting list is opened.

Admission rounds fall 2023 intake

Admission rounds fall 2024 intake

  • 30 Oct. 2023 (15% early bird discount)
  • 20 Nov. 2023 (15% early bird discount)
  • 11 Dec. 2023 (15% early bird discount for enrolment by 31 Dec. 2023)
  • 18 Dec. 2023 (15% early bird discount for enrolment by 31 Dec. 2023)
  • 15 Jan. 2024
  • 29 Jan 2024
  • 19 Feb. 2024
  • 11 Mar. 2024
  • 25 Mar. 2024
  • 15 Apr. 2024
  • 06 May 2024
  • 20 May 2024
  • 10 Jun, 2024
  • 17 Jun. 2024
  • 25 Jun. 2024

After the last admission round deadline on June 25, EADA will have a rolling admission policy with weekly Admissions Committee meetings, and any remaining places will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Meet the Undergraduate Admissions Team

The EADA admissions team is here to guide candidates and their families through the entire admissions process, from the moment that they request information to their arrival in Barcelona. We host online and in-person recruiting events around the world and assess a wide variety of candidate profiles every year. The team members enjoy the rewards and challenges that each new crop of candidates brings, and we look forward to learning about each candidate during the admissions process.

BBA Admissions team: Sabrina Peroni
Sabrina Peroni
Alicia Carayol
Alicia Carayol
BBA Admissions team: Catalina Durante
Catalina Durante
BBA Admissions team: Alyssa Mae Baruc
Alyssa Mae Baruc