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EADA tuition fees at work

EADA Business School is run by a not-for-profit foundation that uses tuition fees, combined with other sources of funding, to deliver a world-class education and award scholarships to outstanding candidates. Fees also contribute to supporting facilities such as libraries and to major investment projects, including the recent renovation of our two campuses in the Barcelona city centre.

    The tuition fee for the Global BBA for the academic year 2024-25 is 16.500 €.

    The tuition is divided into 3 instalments per year.

    An enrolment fee of 10% is required to reserve your place in the programme within two weeks of admission. Starting from the month of April, the amount of the enrollment fee will be indicated in the contract that the admissions department will send to each candidate.

    Tuition fees do not include room or board.


    The tuition fee includes:

    • Academic programme and academic materials
    • Use of all facilities at the EADA-Campus 2 - Provenza
    • Access to the Knowledge & Information Centre (library) and related resources on and off campus
    • Access to EADA Careers & Talent resources and activities
    • Participation in company visits (when applicable)

    Programme taught in English

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    EADA discounts

    We offer an early bird discount for candidates who enroll by the end of 2023. Additionally, EADA is pleased to provide a series of discounts in collaboration with the EADA Alumni Department. These discounts seek to foment the involvement of the alumni community in EADA's current mission and goals.

    • Discounts are applied to the first year only, and are deducted from the tuition fee.
    • Candidates are not required to apply for discounts, but should demonstrate proof of eligibility before enrolment to ensure that the corresponding discount is applied correctly.

    Early-bird Discount
    Students who enroll before December 31, 2023 are eligible for a 15% early bird discount.

    Family Discount
    Candidates with a family member currently enrolled at EADA Business School receive a 10% discount on the annual tuition fee. (Siblings must coincide in the same academic year.)

    Family Alumni Discount
    Candidates with a family member who is an EADA alumni receive a 5% discount on the annual tuition fee.


    EADA scholarships: the basics

    At EADA, we believe that education can change the world. For this reason, we support candidates in their undergraduate journey through a wide variety of discounts and scholarships designed to ensure that the best candidates don't get overlooked for financial reasons.

    scholarships BBA

    Fall 2024 intake (undergraduate programmes)

    EADA awards scholarships to outstanding candidates who demonstrate the potential for superior performance in the programme. Scholarships are merit-based and cover between 10% and 25% of the 2024-2025 programme fee of the intake of application. The scholarships listed here are for candidates of EADA's undergraduate programmes. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

    • Applicants must apply for a scholarship together with their application for the bachelor's to be eligible. They must submit their scholarship application via email ( within one week of completing their online bachelor’s application.
    • All scholarship applications sent once candidates have received their admission result will be discarded.
    • Candidates can apply to a maximum of one EADA scholarship.
    • Candidates will be notified of the scholarship result together with the admission result for the programme (via email).
    • To accept a scholarship, candidates are required to enroll in their chosen bachelor’s programme within 2 weeks of being admitted (and awarded the scholarship).
    • Scholarships and discounts do not stack; candidates who receive multiple awards will be automatically awarded the scholarship or discount with the highest value.
    • Scholarships are subject to availability. Certain EADA scholarships that have all been awarded in previous deadlines may not be available in later deadlines.


    Scholarship for Excellence
    For candidates with an outstanding academic record. Scholarship recipients commit to maintaining a GPA of 3.5 or higher during the programme.

    Global Student Scholarship
    For candidates who bring a uniquely global perspective to class as a result of living in several different countries during their schooling years.

    Junior Talent Scholarship
    For candidates with exceptional extracurricular activities or outstanding professional experience (internships, part-time jobs, volunteering, professional projects, etc).

    Athletic Scholarship
    For candidates with outstanding experience in sports.


    Scholarship application process

    Our application process is transparent to ensure that students make the right decisions, both financially and for their higher education paths. EADA drives success by establishing clear requirements and sharing information about the types of candidates we are looking for. This helps guide students to make informed decisions about the best financing options for them.

    Step 1

    1. Complete the bachelor's application online

    Remember that the application is not considered complete until the application fee has been paid.

    Step 2

    2. Send the complete scholarship application

    Your scholarship application must be received via email (scholarshipsbba@eada.eduwithin one week of submitting your bachelor's application. 

    Scholarship application form

    Step 3

    3. The Admissions Committee reviews the candidates

    You will be notified of the scholarship application result together with the bachelor's admission result within 10 days of completing the admissions process.

    Scholarship recipient BBA