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Jatinder J Singh

Jatinder J Singh


Jatinder Jit Singh is professor of marketing at EADA. He holds a PhD (Marketing) from University of Mississippi, USA and a BS from GNDU, Amritsar, India. His research mainly focuses on managerial, corporate/brand and consumer ethics and has appeared in international peer reviewed journals such as Journal of International Marketing, AMS Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Brand Management and Journal of Product and Brand Management. Before joining EADA, he was a marketing faculty at ESADE Barcelona. Jatinder has taught courses such as Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior and General Marketing (Strategy and Operations) and has worked with various academic audiences and methodologies. Jatinder has also participated in applied research projects involving major international B2C brands in Spain.

Ph D - Doctor of Philosophy | , University of Mississippi

BS - Bachelor of Science | , Guru Nanak Dev University


Assistant Professor (Marketing), ESADE Business School (2007-2015)

Journal Article, Scholarly

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