Webinar The FinTech world: opportunities for professionals - 15th June

EADA Business School
Yannis Mergos & Gavin Kretzschmar

FinTech is transforming the world for consumers and companies across the board. Yannis Mergos, Senior Investment Manager at IFC Asset Management Company (AMC) and professor at EADA’s International Master’s in Finance programme, and Gavin Kretzschmar, Academic Director of Master in FinTech & Business Analytics programme, will be hosting this session about the new opportunities for professionals in the FinTech world.

What has been driving the growth of FinTech?

We are seeing many FinTechs grow rapidly the last few years - why is this happening? What is driving this? In this webinar, we will talk about technology, user trust, preferences, and accessibility, as well as regulation. We will discuss how each of these drivers has shaped and affected the way financial services are provided and how investors are thinking about this emerging space.

Key FinTech segments

We will present the segments that have the most activity including payments, neobanks and e-money. We will explain the trends we see in each segment in more detail.

Yannis Mergos

Senior Investment Manager at IFC Asset Management Company (AMC)
Yannis Mergos has 15 years of experience in investments and M&A in the financial services sector. His experience covers Europe, US, and global emerging markets across all sub-sectors of the financial services space, including commercial banks, consumer and specialty finance, and financial technology / fintech (payment providers, digital lenders, e-money). Yannis is currently a Senior Investment Officer with the International Finance Corporation (IFC Asset Management Company, World Bank Group). He started his career as a management consultant with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Yannis recently taught the “Introduction to FinTech” course at EADA’s International Master’s in Finance program. He holds an MBA from INSEAD, an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford, and a BSc in Economic Theory from the Athens University of Economics and Business.