Double Degree Global BBA and Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

September 2024
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0 - 3 years
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Double Degree Global BBA and Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business | Transfers

EADA welcomes transfer students

We are thrilled to have new students join our community each year and we are here to support and guide this special cohort through the transition. Transfer students can bring diversity in terms of age, background, and experiences, and often have a very clear idea of their academic and professional goals.

These students bring a unique perspective and valuable experiences to our undergraduate programmes, and we look forward to seeing all that they accomplish during their time at EADA.


Why do students transfer to EADA?

This is an exciting time in students’ lives as they embark on a journey of personal and academic growth at EADA. Students choose to transfer to our institution for a wide variety of reasons - we provide the opportunity for students to challenge themselves, discover new passions, and shape their future.

What can EADA offer?

Academic fit

Students’ interests and career goals align better with EADA’s curriculum or cross-disciplinary methodology.

Personalised approach

Students prefer the close-knit community that EADA’s small classes and individual guidance model provides.

International perspective

Students want the global experience of EADA’s programmes with a diverse student body and study periods abroad.

Professional opportunities

Career-minded students are attracted to EADA by the extensive internships, recruiting opportunities and networking events.



EADA accepts transfer students to join our undergraduate programmes in their second year of study. Whether students are looking to internationalise their studies or to experience a personalised approach to learning in small groups, EADA is a great choice.

General requirements for transfer students

  • Students must have completed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in a business-related curriculum.*
  • The transfer credits must come from an official degree.
  • Students must successfully complete the same admissions process as students entering in the year 1.

* EADA only accepts transfer students in year 2 due to the study abroad periods in years 3 and 4. Students transferring from another institution will have a maximum of 60 ECTS credits validated by EADA.


Admissions process

As a first step, we recommend that transfer students complete this Request information form indicating that they are coming from another university in the comments. The Admissions Department will get in contact with students for the initial review of their eligibility.

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