Double Degree Global BBA and Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Student life in the Double Degree Global BBA and Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business

The main EADA BBA campus is located in the heart of Barcelona, just a 10 minute walk from Plaza Catalunya and the most famous of Gaudi’s buildings. With more than a thousand years of history, Barcelona is an important source of architectural, artistic and cultural heritage that our students are able to enjoy daily.

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Our campus: your home away from home

Our newly remodelled EADA BBA Campus is centrally located so that students can enjoy all the city has to offer. On this campus, participants take part in lively class discussions in an engaging, multicultural environment, in which they examine real case studies critically and learn from each other. But don't take our word for it - take a look at this campus tour from alumnus William Moore.

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Barcelona: a student-friendly city

Barcelona is consistently ranked as one of the world’s greatest cities for students. Its pleasant climate makes outdoor activities like tennis and surfing available all year around, and the wide selection of affordable eateries means that students don't have to shell out loads of cash for meals. These factors, combined with the large population of young people in the city, high-speed Internet, low rents and a reliable safety record, attracts thousands of students from abroad each year.

safe city

A safe city

Spain has a reputation as a safe and secure country, with Barcelona recently ranked among the 5 safest cities in Europe by The Economist. Everywhere they go in the city, the streets are full of tourists and other study abroad students enjoying the beaches, plentiful outdoor activities and world-class gastronomy.

affordable city

An affordable city

Living expenses in Barcelona are relatively low compared with those of other major European cities. Students can live on a budget while still enjoying all the city has to offer with free days at the museums, beach and mountain-based activities and affordable sports facilities.

A city with excellent healthcare

Spain is a pioneer in research with a world-renowned public and private healthcare system. Affordable private healthcare in Spain gives students access to a wide range of general practitioners as well as specialists. Some students may also be eligible for the public healthcare system, which is ranked among the best in the world.


A city with a great transport network

Barcelona’s subway and bus system is clean, fast and reliable. Most students feel confident using it within a day or two of their arrival. The extensive transport network makes it easy to get around the city and ensures that students always have a safe way to get to where they are going.


Barcelona: a business hub

Innovative, entrepreneurial and well-connected, Barcelona is a business hub with a rich cultural history, making it the ideal location to expand networks and launch international careers. It is a lively city with a constant flow of locals and tourists that fill the restaurants, cafes and shopping districts.


Premier entrepreneurial hub

Innovative government initiatives have simplified the process for starting a company and established tax benefits for startups, making Barcelona one of the premier entrepreneurial hubs in Europe. Daily events for entrepreneurs are held around the city and networking opportunities allow key players to collaborate easily.

  • 3rd in attracting startups in Europe
  • 2nd Digital City in Europe
  • +50 leading accelerators and incubators
business activity

Centre for international business

Catalonia is the headquarters of more than 8,500 foreign companies, with 90% of them based in the Barcelona metropolitan area. Most foreign companies have been in the area for 10 years or more, demonstrating a high degree of stability and return on investment.

  • 9th in international investment in the world
  • Top region in Spain for foreign headquarters
  • +460,000 companies headquartered in Barcelona

A well-connected city

Barcelona is the gateway to southern Europe, the transport capital of the Mediterranean area, a bridge to the Maghreb and a platform to Latin America. Companies with headquarters in Barcelona can supervise markets all over the world.

  • 4.7M intercontinental airline passengers per year
  • 55M euros in exports per year
  • 1st city in international congresses in the world

High quality of life attracts top talent

The local professional opportunities, climate and lifestyle attract top talent from all over the world, with a full 19% of the population made up of foreign nationals. Barcelona's human capital is well trained, with 54% of the city's active population working in knowledge-intensive services.

  • 4th city in labor attractiveness in the world
  • Annual mean temperature: 18 ºC / 64 ºF
  • 15th best city reputation in the world
top talent
Housing 1 BBA
Housing 2 BBA
Housing 3 BBA
Housing 4 BBA

Estimated living expenses

Living expenses in Barcelona are relatively low compared with those of other major European cities. Expenses vary widely depending on participants’ housing and lifestyle choices. The information provided here is an average based on current students’ expenses. The majority of participants choose to live in student residences or share flats and use public transport regularly.

EADA does not offer on-campus accommodation, but we provide resources to ensure that our students find the housing option that is right for them during their stay in Barcelona.


Housing      550€ - 1,000€


Food        €250 - €450

Otros gastos

Other expenses        €250 - €450

Suministros básicos

Utilities        €100 - €200


Transport        €60 - €70

Monthly budget      1,210€ - 2,170€