Executive DBA

Executive DBA - Alumni

EADA Alumni: Your exclusive business network

More than 120,000 EADA Alumni, from 87 countries, spread across the 5 continents.


With a significant discount for EADA Alumni members. These short-term programs offer a constant update on skills, abilities, and knowledge needed to face the business challenges presented by current scenarios.

Exclusive Programs

You will have access to programs designed specifically for the Alumni Community.

Networking sessions and events

You can enjoy several sessions and workshops related to your continuous training ‘Lifelong’ where you can network

Alumni Clubs

EADA Alumni has various professional clubs where professional development, debate, and networking between Alumni and companies are promoted.

Alumni Mentorship

Participants can contact Alumni on the Mentorship platform to ask for professional advice. If you are already a veteran Alumni, you can support other members and share your knowledge.

Knowledge & Information Centre (KIC)

Being part of the Alumni community gives you access to all KIC resources.

Alumni community benefits

Around the EADA Barcelona campus you can enjoy economic benefits with the EADA City Centre, in addition to the other benefits for being a member.

Access to the library and spaces of EADA Campuses

To work and/or consult information.

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