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Become a member of the Alumni Community at EADA and grow professionally thanks to all the training and free resources that we provide you and the extensive contact network at your disposal to help you advance in your professional career.

Join the EADA Alumni Community programme and enjoy the following benefits!

courses included

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Courses included

In order to continue feeding your curiosity and expanding your knowledge, if you are an EADA Alumni Member we offer you the following training:

  • Free access for members to one of our EADAX online programme (valued at €850).
  • Conferences given by professors and professional speakers.
  • Invitation to Alumni networking events.
  • Free participation in discussion forums created by topics of interest.



Career Advising

As an Alumni member, you will have free access to support for your professional development through resources and training, whether you are preparing for a job interview, want to improve your personal brand or need support to update your CV. Membership includes:

Membership includes:

  • A personalised career orientation session with an advisor from EADA Careers.

  • Specialised group training to improve your employability

Career Advising

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Access to the Knowledge & Information Centre (KIC)

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Access to the Knowledge & Information Centre (KIC)

As an Alumni member, you will once again enjoy free access to the best and most prestigious databases on the market.

Membership includes:

  • Benefit from the advice and information search service from the team of KIC experts.

  • Consult the most relevant reports and specialised publications in the sectors that most interest you.


External Legal Advice Service (Foreigners/Immigration)

We have an agreement with an independent law firm with more than 20 years of experience in immigration and nationality matters that offers EADA Alumni Members the following discounts:

  • €50 for online or face-to-face consultation
  • 10% discount on services that may need to be performed to resolve the query.

If you want to contact the legal team specialized in immigration, you can contact us by email:

Coaching Sessions

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We will put you in contact with Headhunters

If you are looking for a new professional challenge, as a member of EADA Alumni, we will put you in touch with headhunters, who will help you find the best job for you.

Use our EADA spaces

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Use our EADA spaces

Free use of some of the EADA facilities, provided that these are available.

The facilities that you can use for free with an EADA Alumni Member are: Library, Agora and Coaching Rooms.

If you are interested in making use of any of our spaces, write to us to check availability.

Personalised Customer Service for Alumni members


Lifelong skills

Keep on learning at EADA with reduced fees to keep your skills, abilities and knowledge up to date in your professional life.

Networking activities and events

Participate in sessions and workshops related to your training and take advantage of all the networking opportunities.


Advisory Service at the Entrepreneurship Centre

Count on the personalised advice service of the EADA Entrepreneurship Centre if you are considering the idea of ​​undertaking a project. We assist you by giving you support and guidance in your first steps to launch your business venture.

EADA Alumni Clubs

Join Professional Alumni Clubs that promote professional development and debate and facilitate networking between alumni and companies.

Access to the EADA library

As an EADA Alumni Member you can reserve a space in the EADA Library to work or consult information.

We remain by your side in your professional life!

Enjoying all these services has an annual membership fee of €140.