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Melissa Demartini

Melissa Demartini


Melissa Demartini holds a PhD in Management and Industrial Engineering from University of Genoa (Italy). She was visiting researcher at Imperial College Business School (UK) and Postdoctoral researcher at Southern Denmark University (Denmark). She has international teaching experience at all levels (Bachelor, Master, MBA). Her research has been focusing on Sustainable Supply Chain Management for many years. Melissa’s research is internationally recognized, she has authored over 30 published academic journal articles. She has also published two books: Corporate Sustainability in Practice in 2021 and Sustainable Transformation Strategy in 2023. In terms of administrative and organisational experience, she has worked as a project manager for the EU’s Advanced Manufacturing in Central Europe (AMiCE) project.

Sustainable supply chain, circular economy, reverse logitics, digital supply chain, modelling

Ph D - Doctor of Philosophy | , University of Genoa


Adjunct Professor, Polytechnic University of Turin (2022-)

Postdoctoral researcher , Southern Denmark University (2020-2023)

Adjunct Professor, University of Genoa (2017-2020)

Visiting Researcher, Imperial College Business School (2019-2019)


Sustainability coordinator, Intelligent Factory Cluster (2017-)

Teaching assistant, Imperial College Business School (2019-2022)

Project manager, Interreg Advanced Manufacturing in Central Europe (AMiCE) (2017-2020)

DGS (2020 - 2022)

Ansaldo Energia (2018 - 2020)

Siemens (2014 - 2020)

Book, Scholarly

DEMARTINI, M. (2023). Stories of Sustainable Transformation: Casebook for Corporate Sustainability in Practice. : .

DEMARTINI, M. (2021). Integrating Corporate Sustainability into Business Strategy. : .

Journal Article, Non-Scholarly

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DEMARTINI, M. (2021). Performance measurement and management. A literature review focussed on the role played by management theories with a deep dive into the industry 4.0 environment. : International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management.

Conference Proceeding

DEMARTINI, M. (2019). Digitalization Technologies for Industrial Sustainability. : Procedia Manufacturing.

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