Market Assessment Programme - MAP


The Market Assessment Programme - MAP offers corporates and startups the opportunity to collaborate directly with a supervised team of student-consultants in order to assess business and market opportunities for new ventures.  

A team of EADA participants undertakes this collaboration as part of their final master project, addressing the real management challenge to demonstrate their ability to apply concepts, tools and skills acquired during their program.

Participants can be from our Master in Management, Master in Marketing, Master in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Management or MBA programmes


Depending on the scope of the startup or corporate challenge and the program of the assigned team of EADA participants, deliverables can be: 

  • A complete Business Plan report and a presentation deck  or,
  • A comprehensive Marketing Plan and presentation deck 

Who can apply?

Projects can be from a diverse range of organizations and industries and can address the following situations:

  • New venture / startup creation
  • New business unit creation, spin-out of innovation centre, spin-off of an existing company, new business opportunity assessment, etc.
  • Restructuring/revamping of an existing business model for growth, Internationalization of a current business
  • New product launch, product repositioning, product relaunch, an extension to a range or a company diversification. Only if the product concepts are aimed at broad markets.

Requirements to participate:

  • Project sponsors are enthusiastic and committed to the process and show a real interest in the outcome. The need of the business plan or marketing plan is key for the sponsor as opposed to just a “nice-to-have” plan.
  • Project scope is well defined and meets a high level of ambition and complexity to be considered as suitable for a supervised team of 4-6 EADA participants to tackle. This shall be agreed together with the EADA selection committee. 
  • Project sponsors (entrepreneurs or employees on behalf of their companies)
    • Appoint at least 1 contact person for the team throughout the process
    • Are available for 2-3 hours per month in person or online to meet with the team,  as well as willing to invest time to answer questions for the team and discuss progress
    • Trust the team and are willing to share sensitive information (under a NDA if required)* needed for the development of the plan
    • Are available for the final presentation of results (1 hr presentation) and if required by the team, for interim presentations.
  • If your venture is less than 3 years old and your project fits the Master in Management or Master in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Management you must follow a Customer Discovery training module as project sponsor. The module comprises four 2-hour trainings and an additional 3 to 6 hours of field work between each session. This field work consists of interviewing potential customers and is essential to the progress of your venture. This module develops over the course of 8 - 9 weeks. For companies that are older than 3 years, this module is optional but highly recommended

Timeline and key dates:

(updated 23/10/2020)

These are the important dates or periods to consider when applying to the program:

  • 25th of November 2020 - deadline to submit project
  • 30th November - December 2nd  2020 -  screening of projects (short presentation and interview by appointment)
  • January: teams are assigned  and project works kick-off (see details per program below).
  • June - July 2021: Tribunal of final presentations and deliverables are handed in

Selected projects for the MBA:

  • 15th of December  at 17:00 - Project sponsors present to MBA teams 
  • January 2021 - teams are assigned and projects kickoff

Selected projects for the Master in Marketing:

  • December 2020 - Selected projects are present to teams and teams are assigned
  • January 2021 - projects kickoff

Selected projects for the Master in Management and Master in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Management:

  • 10th of December at 16:00  - Selected projects for Master in Management and Master in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Management present to teams  - Online Session
  • January 2021 - teams are assigned
  • February - kickoff and beginning of the training
  • Customer Development Module dates: 
    • Session 1: 26 or 27 of January at 17:00
    • Session 2: 17 or 18 of February at 17:00
    • Session 3: 2 or 3 of March at 17:00
    • Session 4: 16 or 17 March at 17:00
    • Session 5: 6 or 7 of April at 17:00

Additional important information:

  • If required projects are provided with a Non Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement (NDA). 
  • There is no cost to participate in the MAP program. The company is only responsible for expenses that have been explicitly pre-approved in writing by the company such as industry reports, software tools, subscriptions, trade show assistance and travel or any other expenses.
  • Project sponsors can be based anywhere in the world as long as they guarantee the dedication commitment
  • Once projects start the calendar of meetings is agreed with your assigned team.

Program application:

Application Form

About the program

Over the past 11 years the MAP Program has successfully assisted over 100 projects in different development stages from startups to corporates of a variety of industries. The program has become landmark among EADA’s projects and company-student collaborations in the School and has had the sponsorship of local companies and government competitiveness agencies.


David Pastorino

Co-founder   of   Mimetis Biomaterials

""The MAP programme has enabled the founders of Mimetis to connect with people, knowledge and in general a highly favorable environment for the development of new ideas and innovations. The knowledge acquired during the program represents the basis on which Mimetis has grown. Specifically, the programme has helped define / redefine the value proposition, channels, customer segmentation and general market. In addition, the program participants provided knowledge and experience in the finance, investment and optimization of the company for its founders.
Overall, the program opened new perspectives to the company and made the first investment round possible, completed a few months later. In the medium term, today, Mimetis is still using instruments discovered during the MAP program, especially the financial ones."

Doubts, questions or clarifications contact or 934 520 844 ext 1406