EADA’s Online Master in Innovation and Exponential Organisations is finalist in ExO Awards

13 August 2021

Exo AwardsThe Online Master in Innovation and Exponential Organisations at EADA Business School reached the final of last month’s ExO Awards. This is the main international event of the ExO community which brings together more than 8,000 innovators, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and leading companies from over 130 countries. The jury of the latest edition of these prestigious awards selected EADA master´s programme as one of the three best projects submitted for the ExO Workshop / Training programme Award.

The new EADA Master’s programme, which is due to start on 27th September, is a response to the new generation of companies that has emerged over the last few years, referred to as exponential organisations. A technological base has accelerated the growth of these companies through the promotion of initiatives and projects related to disruptive innovation. This new mindset with a different culture and behaviour unites leading companies under the same proposal: to generate disruption and transform industries in the shortest period of time. These organisations generate an impact which is 10 times greater than other companies in the same sector with less investment and human resources.

The Online Master in Exponential Organisations at EADA is aimed at entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, executives from the areas of Marketing, Innovation and R&D as well as consultants and executive coaches who are looking for innovative tools to help organisations make the transition towards exponentiality. This new programme is focused on 4 specific objectives: generate exponential ideas (differentiating between innovation and disruption), develop the necessary skills and competences to lead and implement exponential initiatives, correctly apply processes and frameworks of exponential innovation (Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile, ExO models etc.) and put into practice definition and creation techniques of new business models.

Corina Almagro is the Director of this master’s programme. She is a consultant and certified trainer in Exponential Organisations as well as one of the driving forces behind the ExO movement. Former Innovation manager at HP in Silicon Valley, she is currently a transformation coach in the area of printing. Corina explains that, “at EADA we are at the start of an exciting adventure which will enable us to transform existing organisations as well as generate disruption in the area of training, fostering this new mindset in a pioneering master’s programme such as this one.” She adds that, “EADA has taken on a double challenge which is to train professionals who wish to become part of the ExO Community as well as become an academic institution in exponential organisation, creating a positive impact both in its field and in society in general.”

LeadTech EADA: Focus on innovation

Exo AwardsThe new EADA master is framed within the institution’s commitment to innovation, which is one of its three strategic pillars alongside sustainability and leadership. According to the Dean at EADA Business School, Jordi Díaz, “continuous innovation and digital transformation currently form part of the 4th industrial revolution which requires professionals to possess an in-depth knowledge of how new technologies are changing business models.” Within this new context he points out that, “EADA has once again responded to one of the main challenges facing companies and professionals who need to sustain their competitiveness in a constantly changing environment.”

EADA’s Online Master in Exponential Organisations joins other EADA programmes which share the common denominator of disruptive innovation. One of these is the LeadTech Global Executive MBA in partnership with École Des Ponts Paris Tech, which is designed for senior executives who wish to understand the impact of emerging technologies to be able to transform complexity into simplicity (‘simplexity’) and learn efficient and agile leadership and management skills for a world which is becoming increasingly technological. It is a programme with both online and F2F modules at the EADA and École Des Ponts Paris Tech campuses. Another programme is the Master in Fintech and Business Analytics, in partnership with ISDI, aimed at those professionals who would like to boost their analytic business skills and become part of the Fintech revolution, which is one of the fastest emerging sectors with many opportunities.

Both of these programmes include leadership development modules at EADA’s Collbató Residential Training Campus, in a unique and unbeatable location where participants put their skills to the test in both outdoor and indoor activities.