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  • Global Executive MBA | Dual degree

A better version of business needs a better version of yourself: Agility, Simplexity, Leadership 3.0

The Global Executive MBA is designed to cater to the needs of busy professionals in a fast-paced world

The Global Executive MBA objectives:

To enable both technical and non-technical high potentials to:

  • Understand the full impact of emerging technologies to be able to communicate about them simply
  • Learn how to lead and manage effectively and with agility in an increasingly technological world

Global Executive MBAs with international focus

International focus
Study in 4 hubs of innovation around the world: Barcelona, Paris, Singapore and Silicon Valley

Global Executive MBAs in a Modular format

Modular format
Enjoy an immersive experience compatible with your busy agenda combining online and on campus modules

Global Executive MBA | Future oriented

Future oriented
Prepare to lead digital transformation and disruptive innovation across sectors

Global Executive MBA | Leadership

Boost your potential with personalised executive coaching and cutting-edge leadership modules

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Fast Facts


14     months


6 residential weeks


Face-to-face or hybrid


1 study trip (Silicon Valley or Singapore)


Individual executive coaching

Tech-aware leadership is the future

The Global Executive Master in Business Administration focuses on balancing both the knowledge of what’s happening in the outside world and a deeper understanding of yourself to help you drive the teams and the innovations of the future. Regardless of your industry, your position or your level of expertise, you need to be prepared to face unforeseeable disruption in the years to come and lead your teams to prepare for it.

Leading change is a must to stay professionally relevant but to achieve that you must learn how to lead yourself, your teams and your organization. Business education today needs to progress and adapt to tomorrow’s needs. This is why EADA Business School and École des Ponts have joined forces and distilled the expertise of each school into a unique avant-garde Executive MBA focused on:

  • Leadership & Human Centricity
  • Technology Awareness
  • Management and Innovation


GEMBA - Leading change
GEMBA - Anticpiate, face and drive disruption

This Global EMBA will help you anticipate, face and drive disruption. Only by developing a human-centric mindset will you be able to design the innovative business models of the future.

Throughout the program, you will get a chance to create your own products and services using technology as an enabler, and you will help companies solve some of their challenges linked to technology and innovation in quarterly-scheduled corporate challenges.

Organizations will need to, more than ever, create balance between investing in people and investing in technology.

Technology alone cannot create a business environment based on humaneness, values, ethics and creativity.

Introducing the LeadTech Global Executive MBA

If everything is changing so quickly around us, that means that we need to change as quickly or be left behind.

What type of leader are you going to be?

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#do you lead tech or does tech lead you?

Global Executive MBA - Structure

Are you up to the challenge?

A unique challenge-based Global Executive MBA:

7 sessions = 7 challenges to solve real-life problems by applying what you learn in class.

GEMBA Residential module Barcelona

Residential module #1

14-19 October 2024

Leadership, Teams and Emotional Intelligence

Get outside of your comfort zone to gain new insights and develop leadership skills. How do you react under pressure? Are you able to lead a team with agility?

Example courses:

  • Leadership I
  • Brain Balance & Ikigai
  • Corporate Challenge Workshop
  • Career Coaching
GEMBA Residential module Paris

Residential module #2

25 November - 01 December 2024

Design Thinking, Digital Innovation & Technology Management

Fully immerse yourself in innovation and technology in this week-long module. Learn how to think about and structure Innovation, and discover the technologies of tomorrow that are shaping the business world today.

Example courses:

  • Innovation Challenge

  • Lean Innovation

  • Design Thinking

  • Disruptive Innovation

  • Technology Management

GEMBA Residential module - Barcelona

Residential module #3

10-15 February 2025

Leadership, Marketing and Brand Management

Discover how customer centricity is a key success factor in the Digital Age - and the Challenge of the week will be a real project for a multinational. Learn how to be(come) an Authentic Leader. In our "NeuroTrainingLab", you will tackle business cases though role plays and advanced coaching technologies.

Example courses:

  • Leadership II

  • Digital marketing and Brand Management

  • Corporate Visit & Challenge

  • Customer Centricity Marketing

  • NeuroTraining Lab

GEMBA Study Trip - Silicon Valley

# International Study Trip option 1

April 2025 (5 days)

Plunge into disruptive innovation head-first. What makes Silicon Valley unique? What are the secrets to innovation at scale? What technology will impact our world in the years to come?

Example courses:

  • Disruptive and radical innovation, management of emerging technologies

  • Silicon Valley culture and operating system

  • Live case / challenge

Global EMBA Study trip - Singapore

# International Study Trip option 2

June 2025 (5 days)

Singapore is the perfect city to analyse the benefits and challenges surrounding innovation, hosting a diverse ecosystem of companies experimenting with new ways to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

  • Singapore as a Smart Nation

  • Digital Transformation

  • Leadership in Industry 4.0

  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

  • Lab visits incl. 3D printing

GEMBA Residential module - Paris

Residential module # 4

14-20 July 2025

Strategy, Value Chain Management, and Circular Economy

Existing business models are depleting our resources. Explore how to innovate and leverage technology to do more with less. How can the Circular Economy work in your industry? Can we create profitable businesses and value chains that work for good?

Example courses:

  • Innovation Challenge: Circular Economy

  • Strategic Analysis Management

  • Operations & Value Chain 

  • Microeconomics of Competitiveness

GEMBA Residential module - Barcelona

Residential module #5

29 September - 04 October 2025

Leading in Society

Find out how leading in a VUCA world is all about Leading Change and Leading in Society. How can you drive organizational performance? How can you help companies create value as a growth strategy? The Challenge in this module will be about applying the Zen Business Model on a corporate situation.

Example courses:

  • Leadership III

  • Business in Society

  • Zen Business - Innovation & Sustainability

  • Geopolitics

GEMBA Residential module - Paris

Residential module #6

5-12 December 2025

Technology Startup Bootcamp: Innovation and Technology Management by Design

Discover the methods for taking your idea from the shower to the marketplace effectively. How can I raise funds to make my idea a reality? How can I design a valuable business model? What is an MVP? How can I leverage tech at scale?

Example courses:

  • Dynamic Business Modeling

  • Human-Centric Innovation

  • Agile Methods & Prototyping workshop

  • Circularity by Design

  • Innovation Challenge workshop


Our Alumni experience


Accreditations and rankings

The LeadTech Global Executive MBA has been jointly developed by two top-ranked, internationally accredited institutions: École des Ponts Business School and EADA Business School. You will benefit from the experience and expertise of both, offering you a world-class MBA programme designed to prepare you for the future.

EQUIS Accreditationamba.png

EQUIS and AMBA accreditations


#56 Global Executive MBA in the world (2022)

Financial Times Executive Education Best Open Programmes

#16 in the world in Executive Education – Open programmes (2024)

Financial Times Best European Business Schools

#30 Best European Business School (2023)

Positive impact Rating 2023

EADA is among the Transforming Schools
(level 4)


The Positive Impact Rating measures how business schools contribute to solving societal challenges by energising the school and its culture, by educating responsible leaders and by being a role model institution.

The Global Executive MBA is designed to cater to the needs of busy professionals in a fast-paced world. The objective is to enable both technical and non-technical high potentials to forecast and lead change.

  1. Technology. Understand the full impact of emerging technologies to design disruptive, sustaining and impactful business models
  2. Innovation. Create a mindset of discovery and implement innovation as behavior to spark innovation in your business or start-up, maximize productivity and increase profitability.
  3. Leadership. Thrive in the most sought-for soft skill of the 21st century. Responsibly lead teams and organizations with authenticity, empathy and a positive impact.