International participants relive EADA experience in the Extended Program

6 July 2020
General management and leadership

Extended This academic year is about to finish and, in such a unique year, EADA wants to give International Master Programmes and MBA participants a novel chance to continue living the EADA experience. EADA's Extended Program in July is an initiative that is born to do this by aiming to fulfill two objectives.

Adapting Learning to the ever-changing “New Normal”

This is a great opportunity to complement the skills and knowledge participants have acquired during their core programmes with specific and additional perspectives. According to Antony Poole, International Master in Marketing Director, and María Llaverías, Academic Coordinator of this initiative: “they will enhance concepts developed during the year and be able to review the same concepts from the current perspective”. 

Examples include courses and workshops to answer questions such as: “How will Covid-19 affect key economic indicators and therefore business and investment strategies?”, “How should brands respond to social crises / watersheds such as Covid and BLM?”, “What ethical questions do these crises and movements raise for businesses?”.

The Extended Programme will also include other relevant business issues that are accentuated by, but not exclusive to, the current situation. For example: effective value proposition development in B2B and technological markets; circular economy; leading teams in times of crisis and change; financing real estate; new applications of robotics; and living up to corporate values.

Learning by Living:  Teaming with companies to solve live challenges.

ExtendedOn the other hand, EADA's participants will get additional and meaningful contact with companies and the challenges they are facing. According to Poole and Llaverías, “this is a great opportunity to collaborate meaningfully with companies and build a relevant CV and opportunity network while the Covid-19 pandemic is disrupting typical talent acquisition cycles”. In this regard, participants have the opportunity to participate in two high impact challenges.

Firstly, they will be able to lead the project of measuring and managing the social and environmental impact of companies from different sectors in collaboration with BCorp. The workload is comprised of face-to-face training, research, tutored meetings with the companies and daily team work until presentation of a specific action plan and future recommendations (at the end of July). During these weeks, participants will learn how to use and implement the B Impact Assessment Tool -the most credible tool a company can use to measure its impact on its workers, community, environment and customers- with a real company that wishes to further sustainable growth by delivering a baseline impact report.

Secondly, participants will be able to choose from 2 real and live projects from SAP -a market leader in business management software and solutions. SAP and EADA have agreed to work in two areas that are at the heart of SAP’s approach to their business and clearly aligned with EADA’s belief in sustainable business development:  

  • Business Development Challenge: Working with SAP’s Commercial Sales Area to develop specific market opportunities to harness digitalization for improved and more sustainable business performance.
  • Promoting Sustainability Challenge: Working with SAP’s internal sustainability network to imagine, promote and carry out sustainability initiatives within the company.

“Both teams will see how a leading brand in the industry is helping companies and institutions transform their activities powered by digital technology and services”, says Antony Poole. María Llaverías adds: “in the case of sustainability, participants will see the very specific challenges that digital transformation creates in this regard and what a leading company is doing and can do to manage the effects of increasing digitalization”.

The contact between SAP teams and EADA participants will also allow SAP to identify talent for future opportunities and will help EADA participants discover new and emerging career opportunities that they may not have considered.

As leading organizations in their fields, SAP, BCorp and EADA are committed to creating new opportunities for talented young professionals to shape the future of business through real collaborations that bring together the best of new thinking, deep industry experience and the desire to continuously learn and improve.