Participants from the PDG (Management) programme receive career advice from ICSA Grupo

6 February 2019
General management and leadership

Convenio ICSA GrupoParticipants from EADA’s PDG programme will get professional advice from recruiters, ICSA Grupo, a company specialising in headhunting and strategic consultancy within the Human Resources area. Thanks to a recent collaboration scheme signed by both parties, programme participants will gain insight into what companies are looking for, have a better idea of the professional skills most highly valued by recruiters, take part in current or future selection processes with ICSA Grupo and effectively improve their overall employability.

With this agreement, both sides commit to helping candidates who undertake the PDG programme launch their chosen career. According to Miquel Espinosa, Managing Director of EADA, “it’s fundamental for trainers and recruiters to work closely so that our participants can understand what companies need in terms of skills from managerial candidates. Ernesto Poveda, president of ICSA Grupo, assures that “knowing how to optimise your professional career path and being aware of opportunities and trends in management positions within the job market is just as important as acquiring skills and knowledge”.

EADA and ICSA Grupo consolidated their partnership over 10 years ago with the publications: Wage growth report and Salary differences and quota of female presence.