Available support from the IT Department

Available support from the Information Technologies Department

The members of the EADA community who want to configure their access to the Eduroam network are provided with a series of guides which outline step by step how they can connect from the majority of devices and systems on the market (Eduroam configuration guides).

The EADA Information Technologies Department (DTI) provides comprehensive support for accessing Eduroam for devices that are its own property. In the event that a member of the EADA community wishes to connect to the Eduroam network from his/her personal device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, ...), the DTI provides EADA members with a first rate service.

This support is provided in the Information Technologies Department (DTI) on either of the 2 EADA campuses. Just contact us by sending an email to the following address: eduroam@eada.edu . The support comprises checking the parameters and data of the connection to ensure a proper connection to the network.

In the event that a member of an institution affiliated to Eduroam wants to use the roaming service they will need to contact their home institution for a technical support.


Access to the wireless network from Eduroam affiliated institutions

Inside Spain:

On the Eduroam Spain home page you will find a list of institutions affiliated to the Eduroam project inside Spain as well as the different access methods and links to each institution. Given that they participate in the Eduroam project, you can easily connect to the Eduroam roaming service from these institutions even though you are outside EADA.

In the rest of the world:

The Eduroam is a project that is spread all over the world and you can check the Eduroam availability map around the world to see where you have coverage. You must also take into account that not all institutionsx around the world use the same configuration to access the Eduroam network. So you may need to reconfigure you device in order to adapt it to the institution you are visiting.

Here are some examples of Eduroam sites which feature the points of access to thses countries:

Germany, Colombia, United States of America, Italy, Peru, Turkey, Chile, Etc.