EADA Business School and UVic-UCC join forces to promote business management training in Central Catalonia

31 May 2024

EADA Business School UVic-UCC

Central Catalonia is about to experience a notable strengthening of business management training thanks to a new collaboration agreement between EADA Business School and the University of Vic - Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC). This agreement, signed this Monday, aims to bring and update key skills in the business world to professionals from the Bages and Osona regions, as well as the rest of Central Catalonia.

Through this agreement, both institutions will offer specialized programs in sales management, project management and sustainability. The degree in Commercial and Sales Management, currently taught by EADA Business School, will now also be taught at UVic, while the Postgraduate Degree in Project Management will be taught at the same time at UManresa. In addition, the launch of a new program focused on sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria is planned.

Training for business leaders

The agreement seeks to train managers and area managers in large companies and SMEs in the region, promoting the updating and acceleration of skills in commercial and project management. Osona's workforce, made up of 5,340 companies, stands out in sectors such as industrial, construction and the primary sector, especially in the agri-food value chain, which is vital for the rural-urban balance of the region. In Bages, with the presence of 3,018 companies, those dedicated to food and automotive auxiliaries stand out, representing 12% and 11% of the total business volume, respectively.

A strategic alliance for the territory

Josep Eladi Baños, rector of the UVic-UCC, highlighted that “this agreement is a unique opportunity to offer top-level training and transfer the benefits of the alliance to companies and professionals in the central regions. The university must be a differentiating factor for the territories where it is located", underlining the coherence of this agreement with the strategic project of the UVic-UCC graduate schools for the next five years.

Jordi Díaz, Dean and General Director of EADA, valued the agreement as a significant milestone for the institution. "All the institutions involved want to offer the best business training with high standards of quality, rigor and recognition. We are very happy to be able to accompany the professionals of Osona and Bages," he declared.

This collaboration promises to be a fundamental pillar for the development and strengthening of business in Central Catalonia, providing access to quality training and promoting the sustainable and competitive growth of the region.