New EADA-SKEMA Global BBA & Bachelor in AI for Business

21 November 2022

BBA-IA 1EADA Business School is launching the Double Degree Global BBA & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business for participants looking to acquire the knowledge and skills to apply Artificial Intelligence in the business world. The 4-year EADA-SKEMA BBA is the result of the alliance with the internationally accredited SKEMA Business School. Graduates of the double degree receive two diplomas: an official Global BBA degree (240 ECTS) accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education (Diplome d’Études Superieures en Management International des Entreprises – DESMIE) and a private (180 ECTS) Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business degree from EADA Business School.

Focus on technology and business

In this double degree, students gain an interdisciplinary understanding of IA and a holistic vision of the business world, opening doors to a wide variety of professional opportunities. At the end of the programme, graduates will be ready to start a technical or management career in any organization, from tech giants to companies across sectors looking to digitise their business.

After graduation, participants with a calling for business will be able to compete for any business-oriented position with the advantage of knowing how to digitise companies and excel in AI. Their mastery of programming will allow them to take on any role related to MIL engines, cloud servers, web servers, IoT, game enginees, mobile apps and metaverse interfaces. From the very first day, students will use some of the most advanced AI tools. The majority of the computer science and AI courses are based on the most advanced courses taught at leading international research centres such as MIT, Harvard and Stanford. 

Brian SubiranaIn addition to classes, students undertake two Capstone programming projects and a presentation on AI architecture about the components learned to apply to any company. From a business point of view, participants learn how to make decisions based on data, with the knowledge and skills needed to develop a marketing business plan and understand financial models. During the programme, they develop a business plan for a start-up, preparing them to launch their own business in the future.

“All the graduates, whether in a managerial or technical role, will be able to face the relevant decisions that determine how humans will coexist with increasing automation,” explains Brian Subirana, Director of the Double Degree Global BBA & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business. Subirana, who has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from MIT, says that “participants will have 100% dual training in business and technology, mastering all the concepts of a Bachelor in Business Administration and, also, all the tools and resources used by AI professionals.”

A global and customised double degree

The Global BBA & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business is highly international and customizable to its core. In the fourth year, students choose from 11 specialisations, which take place at one of seven Global BBA campuses spread over 5 continents in France, Brazil, China, South Africa and the United States. Participants can choose to spend one or two years abroad.

The specialisations in the fourth year are designed to match students’ professional goals, with a wide variety of focus areas including sustainable innovation, strategy, international business, global business, entrepreneurship & business administration, corporate finance, marketing, luxury brand management, sustainable development & social responsibility, e-commerce & digital transformation, and accounting.

The periods abroad are reinforced by multicultural classes, with students from more than 120 nationalities on the Global campuses and classes taught 100% in English. Students develop an international outlook in class with diverse faculty, case studies with global challenges and experts from around the world at networking and recruiting events. Through the global experience, students work together with their academic and career advisors to evaluate their progress and help them achieve their professional goals.

Career opportunities

BBA - IA 3This programme responds to the growing demand for business leaders and professionals with an expertise in IA. This technology is lifting productivity, enabling automation and transforming entire industries with new tools and products such as automatic translation self-driving vehicles, legged robots, fine motor manipulation health diagnostics, and instant ad auctions. Even the creative arts and ethics choices are being overtaken by AI.

The west’s largest tech companies, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (formerly Google), Amazon and Tesla, as well as their counterparts in China, have already invested billions in AI technology. AI is spreading beyond the technology sector, with significant implications for companies, workers and consumers. As a result, areas such as health, housing, education, security, democracy and the environment may benefit hugely from AI. According to EADA Dean Dr. Jordi Díaz, “Graduates of the Global BBA & Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence for Business have a firm grasp of AI and the managerial skills to successfully integrate this technology across sectors with a vision towards a more environmental, socially and economically sustainable world.”