The EADA Manual Thinking Academy is born

12 November 2021
General management and leadership

EADA takes a new step forward in pedagogical innovation by promoting the Manual Thinking Academy, a project led by professor and expert in innovation Franc Ponti that has been developed together with Luki Huber, who was the one who devised the creative methodology of manual thinking. It is a tool based on folding maps and removable labels that allows applying all kinds of creative and strategic methods in a practical and participatory way, with immediate, visual, and tangible results.

Ponti insists on the multiple uses of this methodology: "It is very useful for developing a new product or service, for improving existing ones, and for generating creative ideas for strategic projects of an organization." The EADA professor emphasises that it is a co-creation tool with many advantages: “The thinking process is visualized, shared, reviewed and corrected at the moment. Participants are able to think in multiple directions, which lets them explore and advance projects. And it is done democratically, without one opinion prevailing over another and avoiding the struggle of egos. Besides, those ideas are prototyped into concrete actions”.

All this is carried out in the inspirational environment that is the workshop that Luki Huber has in the Born district of Barcelona where EADA participants will be able to put into practice their capacity for innovation using materials that will stimulate their creativity. "In the end, everyone will have the opportunity to perform various exercises with different materials and, in addition, they will do it standing up, in a relaxed way, and they will have to rotate through the teams, which will allow them to have different points of view on a project."

For Luki Huber, "this collaboration with EADA will serve to bring the benefits of Manual Thinking to the business world, as this method will guarantee a much higher generation of ideas". Without ruling out, as Professor Ponti points out, “the possibility of even rethinking its business model or exploring new lines of business.”

According to Huber, "all organizations, regardless of their sector or size, have to face great challenges every day that require innovative solutions." And he adds: “This implies that leaders and professionals in general in organizations question everything on a daily basis and acquire the habit of thinking daily about new alternatives and more creative and innovative solutions. In this sense, EADA's commitment to innovation, in addition to leadership and sustainability, seems to me not only a winning bet but also an act of responsibility.”

The new EADA’s Manual Thinking Academy will be launched with sessions aimed at companies seeking innovative solutions to a specific need. And it will later be extended to EADA's programmes participants.