Growth Talks EADA: Webinars to understand the Covid-19 crisis

27 March 2020
General management and leadership

Webinar1EADA is launching a series of free webinars on current issues related to Covid-19 starting March 31st. These will be the EADA Growth Talks, webinars designed by the Executive Education area of ​​EADA, with the aim of continuing to offer knowledge and growth in an environment as exceptional and critical as it is today. These digital sessions, taught by EADA faculty and experts in different subjects, will give the keys to better understand the effects this global crisis is having on an emotional, business and economic level.

Top 10 EADA Growth Talks:

Techniques, tools and examples to maintain the communication and efficiency of the teams working remotely: In this webinar, the EADA professor Ramon Costa will present different practical examples to improve the efficiency of the teams in a remote environment. He will explain to us which are the most efficient digital technologies, the methodologies that work best and how to establish synergies at a distance.

The ERTE: labor measures against the Covid-19: EADA professor Jordi Costa will explain what the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) are and in what sense they represent one of the best alternatives for companies to avoid future layoffs.

Emotional Help Desk: The founder of New Mindset Ainhoa ​​Fornós will give us several recommendations to reset our mindset. We had to work remotely at a time where it was still just an idea for the future. This step has meant a lot of logistical hardships for many of us (working with children at home, coordinating tablet schedules because there is not one per person, seeking silence and concentration, creating new home office routines ...). This webinar will provide tips to better manage the current situation.

RecessionParallelisms between the 2008 crisis (Lehman Brothers) and the current one (Covid-19): What solutions exist? The director of EADA's executive finance programs, Álex Font, will analyze the similarities and differences between the current global crisis and that of 2008. What is the role of the European Central Bank? What can small investors expect from their savings? What indicators best show us the real situation of an economy? The answers to this and other questions in this interesting webinar.

The impact of Covid-19 on the global and local economy: The director of the EADA's Management and Strategic Leadership Department, Joan Miquel Piqué, will discuss the impact of the current crisis in all areas: economic structure, geopolitical balances and the role of governments in the social configuration. If globalization already seemed to have entered a turning point with the emergence of populism and a new wave of protectionism, the Covid-19 crisis will mark the beginning of a global rethinking of this phenomenon.

Strategic actions to recover the economic rhythm of a company in the Covid-19 crisis: From the hands of EADA professor Jordi Damià you will learn to carry out a quick strategic review of your company to adapt processes, actions and organization and recover the normal income as soon as possible. Damià will give several keys to adapt a company's strategy to the new situation raised by Covid-19, how to review organizational processes and models and how to get the most out of new technologies.

Agile HR: Agility and people management in an uncertain and complex environment: The professor of the EADA's new Agile HR programme, Juan Antonio Gómez-García will talk about the agile methodologies that are already being implemented by many companies and that, in a context as uncertain as the current one, are more necessary than ever to continue prospering. He will also introduce the strategic role that Human Resources professionals have to implement these agile methodologies in the organization.

Big DataAccelerate your sales after Covid-19 thanks to Marketing Analytics and Big Data: The companies that will overcome the current crisis with less difficulty will be those that know how to take advantage of the new opportunities that arise. Data and its analysis for fast and effective decision making will be part of the key to success for organizations. In this webinar, EADA professor Manel Guerris will review the basic concepts of Marketing Analytics and Big Data that organizations should apply.

The company's strategy against the Covid-19: 10 keys to prepare a crash plan: All companies will have to change their strategy to face the new situation derived from Covid-19. What aspects should they take into account? How should they review their value chain to respond to new needs and constraints? EADA professor Joan Miquel Piqué will reflect on this.

Restarting the business after Covid-19: Once the Covid-19 pandemic has been brought under control, companies still suffer the impact of the crisis. EADA professor Ferran Núñez will analyse the great challenge that companies will have, how to face it and how this global phenomenon relates to the VUCA concept.