Gemma Mengual, participant in the Master in Transformational Leadership at EADA

10 February 2020
General management and leadership

Gemma MengualIn April, the world-class synchronised swimmer Gemma Mengual will become a participant in the sixth edition of the EADA Master in Transformational Leadership (MLT) as she looks to redirect her professional career in management and business. Mengual, who won 17 gold medals, 18 silver medals and 12 bronze medals during her professional swimming career, would like to explore new areas in team leadership and business management.

The Olympic medallist explains that “what most attracts me to the EADA programme is the opportunity for personal rediscovery over the course of the 8 modules and how it will help me to explore new horizons not yet discovered and find out more about myself. I also want to get excited about new projects that take me out of my comfort zone. I’m looking for fresh challenges that inspire me in the same way as when I used to train for 10 hours a day to win medals”. 

Mengual, who will receive an elite sport scholarship, is ready to undergo the transformational experience which the director of the Master in Transformational Leadership, Lucía Langa. as she says, “Gemma, who is in the middle of a career transition, will be able to plan her professional profile rapidly during the 8-month programme. If she combines the skills she acquired from being an elite swimmer with those she will learn on this master’s programme, it will make for a winning combination”.

From her sports career, the swimmer believes that she will be able to build on her skills of resilience, perseverance, discipline and lifestyle. She will also be able to work on some of her main weaknesses such as “communication, problem solving and self-awareness”. She adds that, “I would also like to be able to empathise more with my team, bring out the best in each of them, be able to influence them more and know how to take a step back when I need to make difficult decisions. I am convinced that the Master in Transformational Leadership will make me ask lots of questions and find the best answers but, above all, it will define the Gemma Mengual of the future”.

Integral training programme for leaders

Gemma y MiquelThis master’s is the result of the collaboration between EADA and CAR (Centro de Alto Rendimiento) which is based in Sant Cugat and where the “Equilibrio vital” module will take place. This module will focus on the importance of personal balance, rest, resilience and a balanced diet to achieve high performance. According to Lucía Langa, “success and a professional’s impact, regardless of whether they are a manager or an elite athlete, do not only depend on their talent and their state of mind”. In her opinion, “various scientific studies recognise the importance of good health, balance and resilience as essential ingredients for high and sustainable performance”. It is for this reason that “the Master in Transformational Leadership at EADA is a groundbreaking programme with a multidisciplinary team of experts to train leaders to achieve any of the challenges they set themselves as well as a superior performance which can be sustained over time”.