New Customer Experience programme

13 June 2019
Marketing and sales

Customer ExperienceOn 4th October 2019, EADA Business School will launch its new Customer Experience programme, which puts the customer experience at the centre of a company’s core strategy. This programme is the result of an agreement between EADA and Smartcex, which builds long-lasting relationships between brands and clients through a combination of customer and employee experiences. The company organises the Barcelona Customer Experience, which is an event of reference in the area of CX and is attended by around 400 professionals.

This training programme is mainly aimed at professionals working in Marketing, Customer Management, Commercial and Customer Service departments. Participants will be given a multidisciplinary vision of the customer experience and will have the opportunity to design and manage a unique strategy. They will find out how over the last few years customers have become expert buyers. They are now more experienced, more demanding, better informed and above all they are hyperconnected. Participants will also learn about the customer experience based on the omnichannel approach: they will study the basic principles behind the omnichannel experience and the different applications it can offer such as the digital experience. Finally, participants will find out about the importance of developing an excellent employee experience strategy because good customer experience is impossible without the invaluable experience of the brand ambassador: the employee.

EADA’s new programme will have a blended format (online and onsite learning) which will give participants the perfect opportunity to combine their training and professional lives (one onsite class day every two weeks for four months).