The largest world youth consultation Youth Talks, presents its results on the aspirations of world's young people

18 November 2023

Youth Talks, the largest youth consultation in the world, published today its results after analysing, between October 2022 and May 2023, nearly 1 million opinions from 45,000 young people between 15 and 29 years old in 212 countries and territories.

Youth Talks, presenta sus resultados sobre las aspiraciones de los jóvenes del mundo

What do young people say?

The Higher Education for Good Foundation has announced the results of the Youth Talks initiative, an excellent project that collects the concerns of young people around the world and seeks to give them a voice to achieve a positive influence in decision-making. Using advanced artificial intelligence, this consultation analysed and synthesized nearly one million contributions without censorship to highlight the concerns, hopes and values of young people around the world.

The mosaic of shared opinions and ideas reveals significant divisions, not only between young people in the West and those in the rest of the world, but also within regions, particularly when discussing the sacrifices necessary to create a more sustainable world.

Key findings:

  • Peace is the top priority worldwide, followed by environmental concerns, particularly in regions like Africa and South America.
  • Youth emphasize values and virtues in education, urging educators to transform teaching methods. Traditional core disciplines still matter, but the urgency lies elsewhere for young people, with the exception of China.
  • Young people across the globe, especially in Europe, recognize the climate emergency, but this concern is less prominent in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa.
  • A divide exists between Western youth and their counterparts in the rest of the world on material concerns, unfulfilled dreams, and financial worries.
  • Young people are ready for sacrifices, but disparities exist in how much and what they're willing to give up.

"Young people's voices must be heard authentically and without any filters. By asking open-ended questions, we enable them to express themselves without limitations or pressure to conform to predetermined themes. The Youth Talks consultation embraces this approach, allowing young individuals to communicate their thoughts freely, uncovering fresh insights and showcasing the vast diversity of opinions within societies. Youth Talks serves as a groundbreaking global dialogue that connects the aspirations of young people with tangible societal transformation"explains Marine Hadengue, PhD and Director of Youth Talks.

In this sense, Jordi Díaz, Dean of EADA Business School, founding partner of this global initiative, considers that "Youth Talks is a gift for all of us who want to make education the best tool to achieve a better and more sustainable world."

EADA Business School, along with 6 other organizations, is a founding partner of the global Youth Talks initiative, a unique and innovative barometer that will allow us to continue our commitment to promoting the voice of youth to turn it into a powerful tool for change. The results of this global consultation are a source of valuable information that will help us in the present and future of our organization.