The MBA Day brings together more than 500 students from the main business schools in Barcelona

20 October 2023
General management and leadership

Yesterday the Barcelona MBA Day took place, organized by Barcelona Global in collaboration with the main business schools in Barcelona, among which is EADA Business School. In its fifth edition, this meeting brought together more than 500 MBA students, 80% of them international, to introduce them to the economic, scientific and cultural potential of the city and to show to future executives of global companies the capacity of Barcelona to host high-value events such as the America's Cup and attract and retain impact talent.

Barcelona MBA Day 2023

The objective of the Barcelona MBA Day is for future global executives to discover first-hand the most entrepreneurial, economic and research aspect of the city and to encourage them so that when they finish their studies, they become ambassadors of Barcelona in other global cities.

Barcelona MBA Day 02In total, there were 22 companies, science and research centres, hospitals, cultural and sports entities that participated in the day, opening their doors to young people, who were received by the heads of those companies.

This year, they were also able to learn about the impact on the city of an international sporting event such as the America's Cup, which will be held in Barcelona next year and which is already the third in economic impact in the host country of those held in the world, after the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup.

The Barcelona MBA Day concluded with an event at the America's Cup Experience, which included the participation of Daniel Puig, vice president of Barcelona Global and president of the executive committee of the Barcelona Capital Náutica Foundation, the entity that promotes the 37th America's Cup and its legacy for the city, in addition to Mercè Conesa, general director of Barcelona Global, and Natalia Vía-Dufresne, director of external relations of America's Cup Experience.

Barcelona, global higher education hub

Barcelona is the fourth city in attracting international talent to study an MBA, only behind London, Boston and New York, and just ahead of Silicon Valley, according to the MBA City Monitor 2022 prepared by ESADE.

These data demonstrate Barcelona's ability to become a global higher education hub, a sector that moves more than 5.1 million students in the world who change countries every year to study a university degree. However, Spain is still far from being among this global elite, occupied today by countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and, in Europe, Holland and Denmark.

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