HR Influencers 2023 places EADA as the best school for training HR professionals

30 October 2023
Human resources

HR InfluencersHR Influencers 2023, the most important ranking of HR leaders in Spain, publishes its results after consulting professionals in the sector who stand out for their experience, for sharing their knowledge, inspiring others to act and for having a voice and an authentic point of view.

This ranking places EADA and its HR programs as the best business school for training professionals in the field of Human Resources Management. In the classification of the Top 25 HR Influencers 2023 Spain, some members of the faculty of the HR programs stand out, as well as 5 alumni of the programs in this field.

HR Influencers

In the category of Groundbreakers, aimed at professionals who exercise their leadership and influence by acting as consultants, speakers, authors, coaches, teachers, networkers, etc. and who promote the development of good practices from outside organizations, we congratulate Emma de Llanos, director of HR programs at EADA, Teresa Niubó, professor of HR programs and CEO & Founder of Bloom Mood, as well as Anna Gascón , alumni and CoFounder & People Director of ETHIKOS 3.0.

In the category of Changemakers, professionals who exercise their leadership and influence within organizations, acting as CHROs, VPs, directors, managers, business partners, among other positions, we congratulate our alumni: Patricia Villanova, HR manager at Raona; Albert Balagué, People & Culture Director at Tintas Robbialac; Aurea Benito, Corporate HR Director at ISDIN and Tiago Santos, Director of Talent & Careers at StudentFinance.