EADA joins the worldwide consultation 'Youth Talks'

30 January 2023

Youth TalksEADA takes a step forward in its commitment to developing new models of higher education for a more sustainable society. As a member of the Higher Education for Good Foundation -the first non-profit education and research network created by our partner SKEMA Business School-, EADA has joined the World Youth Observatory alongside other educational and research institutions from around the world. The mission of this observatory is to rethink the higher education models by giving voice to young people. According to the foundation, current higher education models are no longer adapted to the challenges faced by the youth: “These historical models are based on and often convey values that no longer make sense to this generation.”

The first initiative of the observatory is Youth Talks, which is a large worldwide consultation aimed at young people aged 15 to 29 years old. Through its online platform, Youth Talks invites them to talk about the expectations, questions and ambitions for the world of tomorrow. The results of this youth consultation will help the Foundation imagine new learning and teaching approaches, redefining both the way young people learn and what they learn. This is also a unique opportunity to build together a sustainable future by and for young people around the world.

According to Julia Wolny Ph.D., Responsible Marketing Professor at EADA Business School, leading on Impact, “Youth Talks gives young people the opportunity to speak out, to be heard and to share the issues that matter to them”. To her, “this is a great opportunity for educators to listen to the ideas and concerns of the next generations.” EADA Business School Barcelona promotes this initiative, along with other universities, business schools and research institutions, because “it gives us a chance to coordinate local actions and contribute together to a more sustainable education globally, by fostering learning models based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” points out Dr. Wolny.

Youth Talks LogoFor the first time, we will ask open-ended questions to the youth about their aspirations and challenges they face globally -they will differ according to location and socio-economic situation. The next level consists of analysing the data collected by Bluenove, a technology and consulting company specializing in natural language processing (Artificial Intelligence). The collected data will be available to researchers and will feed a dynamic online platform accessible to the general public, mapping the consensus, dissensus, weak signals and latent needs. All this information will be the basis of reflection for reshaping the higher education curriculum. It is expected to reach more than 200 million young people to have tens of thousands of respondents.



Reasons why to participate in

There are 5 main reasons to participate in Youth Talks:

  • To make young people’s voice heard: It is a good occasion for them to express their expectations and ambitions. 
  • To participate in an international initiative in order to reconceptualize tomorrow’s education models.
  • To ask themselves new questions about the future which can contribute to their personal development.
  • To learn from others but also about themselves.
  • To meet other young people and discuss the role they all want to play in tomorrow’s world.

All young people are invited to participate in two different ways:

  • Individually, by answering the Youth Talks online questionnaire. They can share their ideas and expectations by answering the questions freely and anonymously.
  • Collectively, by participating in a Youth Talks activity. They can exchange with other young people to contribute their vision of the future together. The activities can be organized by anyone interested and are listed on the website of the initiative.

The initiative is multilingual, allowing as many people as possible to contribute using their native language. Six are available: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese.