Immersive Learning in times of COVID-19

21 August 2020

The disruption of classes during lockdown as a result of Covid-19 gave EADA the opportunity to initiate and implement their learning methodology in Immersive Learning. This methodology anticipates all possible scenarios and ensures the continuity and quality of learning. It gives access to learning and teaching anywhere and at anytime. As a result, EADA has been able to respond quickly and effectively to the current context as Immersive Learning is a method which can be adapted to any situation.


It uses 3 different formats which can be applied to any scenario:

  • Face2face in normal times, which includes training at the Barcelona City Centre Campus and the Collbató Training Centre, visits to companies, labs, entrepreneurial clusters and international trips.immersive-learning-image-2.jpg
  • Online, a delivery model which is already in use in some of our programmes but which will be used in the event that participants are required to participate 100% online. The classes will take place using Zoom technology and the classrooms are equipped for both synchronous and asynchronous online sessions. Attendance is recorded automatically and participants will receive online monitoring and support.
  • The hybrid model will be used for situations where only some of the participants are able to attend a face2face class. It combines remote learning for some students and presencial learning for others while ensuring that learning takes places in optimal sound and image conditions. Other features of this model include the teacher being able to monitor the class in real time and participants being able to choose which part of the class to focus on.


Cases and simulations are used to recreate real situations in all three of these formats. The technology allows students to connect from anywhere and at anytime, which will enable them to “be” in the classroom, meeting or work group physically or virtually. This methodology:

  • Enables students to practice real world skills in a safe environment.
  • Helps to achieve mastery of a behaviour, technique or methodology.
  • Creates an emotional connection between the students and the learning experience.
  • Learning is integrated into the situation by providing a simulation of the current environment in which students are encouraged to participate.
  • Students receive individualised feedback while advancing at their own pace and through simulation.


Immersive Learning provides participants with an online and/or face2face environment which is highly interactive. It allows us to replicate possible scenarios as well as teach techniques and specific skills. This methodology is effective because it uses relevant and realistic situations which have a greater impact on the psyche and neuroplasticity. The simulation of a physical environment also improves the learning experience by aiding recall.

Currently, access to learning and teaching is as much online as offline. Immersive Learning enables us to adapt teaching to the circumstances which require physical distancing, ensure the high quality learning standards at EADA as well as provide continuous access for the participant via technology, regardless of the delivery method.

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