EADA's anti-Covid19 plan to promote health and safety measures on campus

19 June 2020

Inicio 1EADA Business School resumes its activity with the activation of its anti-Covid19 safe reopening plan which includes a whole series of both official and additional safety and health measures to protect the EADA Community through hygiene and safety in all the spaces of its two campus. 

EADA's anti-Covid19 plan includes measurements in all spaces as well as individual measurements. Among the measures in the spaces, the following stand out:

- Minimise contamination: Minimise the presence of microorganisms, specifically those related to the virus, in classrooms, study rooms, hotel rooms, toilet facilities and other common areas by disinfecting the surfaces susceptible to contamination with virucidal products.
- Continuous disinfection: Disinfection will take place in all of our centres during the reopening phase. All classrooms and common areas will be disinfected on a regular daily basis. The hotel rooms at the Collbató campus will also be disinfected for each new guest.
- Facilitate regular hand sanitation: All users of EADA centres will have access to hand sanitiser gel to disinfect their hands, which will be distributed in the different areas of each centre. EADA requires all external collaborators including associate professors, collaborators etc. to comply with the prevention and protection measures in the joint fight against COVID-19. To facilitate compliance, EADA has installed hand sanitiser dispensers in the different areas of each centre for users to disinfect their hands.
- Continuous forced ventilation: This is a key factor to keeping the air free of pathogens. EADA will increase the frequency of natural and forced ventilation in its centres.
- Disinfection of personal items: Daily disinfection of mobiles, computers and notebooks which must not be shared with others.
- Use of protective masks: At this time, you must wear a mask.
- Obligatory temperature checks: All users who wish to access an EADA centre are subject to temperature checks at the entrance.
- Social distancing: The classrooms will have a reduced capacity and a distance of between 1.5 and 2 meters will be maintained between the participants.
- COVID-19 test for all EADA personnel: This month EADA Business School has carried out Covid-19 detection tests on all campus staff before they resume their gradual return to work. 


As for the individual measures included in the anti-Covid plan19, the following stand out: 

Inicio 2- Daily individual practices: Remember to exercise extreme caution when purchasing products in establishments, protect yourself on public transport and payment methods. In addition, the importance of disinfection and daily personal hygiene must also be taken into account.
- Symptomatology: If we have symptoms, we better stay home. If a program is in progress, the responsible team must be notified.

-Temperature control: Do not forget to take your temperature before entering the center. 

-Don't let your guard down: These practices are already very internalized and will continue to be common. It is appropriate to take extreme measures for everyone's safety in the coming months.