EADA joins the Barcelona Tech Spirit

24 February 2020

MobilityEADA is currently hosting two entrepreneurship events organized by Barcelona Tech Spirit, in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya, after the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress scheduled for this week.

The first is the Barcelona Tech Spirit Mobility Event, organized this morning at EADA together with the Connected Mobility Hub. There were three round tables on Shared Mobility, Sustainable Mobility and Logistics, where entrepreneurs and institutional representatives analyzed opportunities and challenges in mobility. A sector that evolves at a pace marked by the new demands of customers and the constant emergence of new technologies for efficient and sustainable mobility.

All speakers commented on the new user’s behavior in terms of mobility. Users are less and less interested in owning a vehicle and more drawn to sustainable mobility and saving the cost of travel. Proof of this is the spectacular boom in options such as car sharing, motorcycle sharing, pooling mobility for companies and universities (for travel of employees and students) or renting, among others.

At the Barcelona Tech Spirit Mobility Event, we found out more about some of these solutions that have revolutionized the mobility sector. One of them is Ciclogreen, an online platform that allows companies to quantify and reduce CO2 emissions by promoting sustainable mobility among their employees. Another one is Bus Up, shared bus service available to the staff of companies based in industrial estates. Similarly, Solum provides clean energy to micro mobility, and Meep is a sustainable urban mobility solution that provides the fastest and most efficient routes to a desired destination in the city. We also had the CEO of Cooltra, Timo Buetefisch, who explained the commitment to sustainable mobility through his motorcycle sharing service aimed at B2B and B2C clients.

Keeping to the framework of the Barcelona Tech Spirit, tomorrow we will host the Keiretsu Investment Forum, with more than 75 registered investors and 40 startups presenting their projects to dozens of people interested in the search for attractive ideas to invest in.