Networking TIPs for EAM18

9 November 2018



EADA Annual Meeting 2018

Make sure to plan your networking in advance and to use the designated meeting point to meet up during the event


  1. Networking is nobody's favourite pastime, but it is the way the world goes around so set yourself a goal, e.g. introduce yourself to 10 new people. You really never know where collaborations or help can arise...
  2. If you're an Alumni, find out via your usual communication channels if any of your classmates is joining and make sure to arrange a time and place during the event.
  3. Prepare yourself, think not only about what you need, but also what you can offer.
  4. Bring your business cards! It's the best way to assure you won't be forgotten!
  5. Social networks are your allies, use them to search and contact EADA alumni in advance to see if they are joining, and to stay in touch afterwards. 6. When you're talking to people, make sure to ask questions to discover possible synergies.
  6. Be yourself!