Presentation of the 1st Study on the Digital Level of Management in Peru

17 October 2018
General management and leadership

Ramon-CostaEADA Business School and CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School have published the first study on The Digital Level of Management in Peru. The study concludes that general managers in Peru are tentatively moving towards the digital transformation of their companies (only 35% are currently doing it). This study was based on a survey of around 500 managers from different sectors and companies. It shows that the integration of new technology has been adopted more on an operational level rather than a strategic one. This is demonstrated by the fact that 45% of companies in Peru are yet to establish a safe environment for the exchange of information and transactions with clients and suppliers.

According to Ramon Costa, director of the EADA Postgraduate course in Digital Transformation and director of the report, “skills in operations are the most developed but still need to be applied to strategy. There is work to be done if we are to make the most of these tools, lead the respective cultural change and digitally transform our organisations.”

The digital skills in which managers in Peru scored most highly were those related to leadership and communication, productivity and security, and knowledge and learning. On the other hand, they scored poorly on creativity, innovation, prestige and relevance. There is still little use of technology such as Blockchain, IoT or Big Data, as well as a low awareness of the digital reputation of their companies, competition and sector. Monitoring of their web clients is also a pending issue.

As Costa highlights, “the digital transformation in companies goes beyond the simple integration of technological tools and applications. It implies revising, rethinking and redesigning communication processes and internal collaboration, the relationship with clients, users, suppliers and members and even the business model.” He adds that “the reality is that the majority of managers are still learning about digital skills and only a few have completely adopted them on a daily basis. Operations skills have been incorporated but there is still resistance to tactical and strategic skills”.

Download the report here