New EADA postgraduate programme in Blockchain Business

18 October 2018
General management and leadership

EADA is due to launch its first Postgraduate programme in Blockchain Business Blockchainin February 2019 as a result of the collaboration agreement signed with the Blockchain Institute & Technology, which is the top blockchain bootcamp in Europe. The new programme, the first of its kind in business education, is aimed at managers and professionals who would like to discover and incorporate blockchain technology into their organisations and to explore new business opportunities. 

The participants of this new programme will learn about the foundations of the philosophy behind Blockchain and disruptive technology. They will learn about the leading institutions, consortiums and companies in this market as well as the current and future implications of Blockchain and the Crypto economy, which represent the new trends in the crypto currency market. They will also see how smart contracts are changing the way business is done worldwide and understand the changes in legislation brought about by Blockchain.

The course has a 100% practical focus and the participants will learn about the application of Blockchain technology and DTL in the revolution of current business models. Participants will also have practical experience in leading companies which use disruptive technology. This will give them firsthand experience of real projects involving advanced technology.

According to Lluís Mas, CEO and founder of the Blockchain Institute & Technology, “up until now training in this type of technology has been limited to technology faculties. With this agreement, we are taking it into the world of business.” EADA Dean, Miquel Espinosa, highlights once again “EADA’s commitment to bringing value proposals to the business community.” He also adds that “the agreement with the Blockchain Institute & Technology is a step towards incorporating disruptive technology between managers and organisations.

EADA and the Blockchain Institute & Technology will also be offering short courses in Blockchain, DLT and the Crypto economy.

In the photo taken, from left to right: Miquel Espinosa, EADA's Dean, Lluís Mas, CEO and founder of the Blockchain Institute & Technology, and Aleix Ordeig, CEO y CTO at Blockchain Institute & Technology.