EADA’s Finance students will be able to qualify as financial advisers and analysts

14 September 2018

IAEF_EADAFrom September 2018, students who graduate from EADA with an Executive Masters in Financial Management or Postgraduate in Finance will be able to qualify in the certifications required by the EU to work in the financial and investment sectors. After completing the EADA programme, graduates will have to pass the relevant certification exams.

This benefit for EADA students is due to the academic agreement signed between EADA Business School and the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts (IEAF). Approved by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), the IEAF examines and accredits professionals working in financial information and consultancy services in Spain. It is also the Spanish representative of the European Federation of Financial Analysts (EFFAS).

Masters in Financial Management

Participants of the Executive Masters in Financial Management will have the option to validate 70% of the Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) qualification, which is the internationally accredited certificate awarded by EFFAS to those professionals working in financial advice, financial analysis or portfolio and investment management. They will also have the option to prepare for obtaining 75% of the Certificate in Expert in Business Valuations (CEVE), which is the certification required for those working in analyst services, business valuations and assets, which also include the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards.

Participants will be able to validate 70% of the CEFA by passing two exams: one set by EADA and the other prepared by EADA under the supervision and previous approval by IEAF. Those participants who are interested in completing the remaining 30% of the qualification will be able to choose from online study or onsite training with a final exam. The students who wish to validate 75% of the CEVE will have to sit a final exam at the IEAF in Madrid. The remaining 25% may be completed online or with onsite training.

FinancePostgraduate in Finance

Participants in the Postgraduate in Finance will also be able to validate 70% of the CEFA in the same way as the Executive Masters students by passing two exams set by EADA and IEAF. From the start, students will have online access to all the CEFA information which they will then be able to use to prepare the remaining 30%. This may be completed online or with onsite training.

Postgraduate students in Finance will also have the option to prepare for 80% of the Financial Adviser Certificate (AF), which is the certification required for those working in investment consultancy services. This certification is also a CNMV requirement for those working in information and advisory services in financial entities. Students will have to sit an exam set by EADA and a final exam by IEAF in order to validate the 85%. Students will have online access from the start to prepare the remaining 15%. 

New European regulation

This validation and preparation process coincides with the current European directive MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) which came into force in January 2018. The MiFID II represents the biggest transformation in European regulation since the financial crisis and is a direct response to bad praxis in the financial sector. It is designed to regulate the training qualifications of professionals working in financial consultancy and financial information services in the EU. 

According to the director of EADA’s Finance Department, Àlex Font, “this agreement will give our participants greater professional opportunities and greater employability as they will be able to work as accredited analysts or financial advisers in any European country”. EFFAS President Jesús López Zaballos and director of the FEF School, underlines the importance of “bringing their 30 years of experience in CNMV approved professional financial qualifications”.

From left to right in the first photo taken: Àlex Font, EADA's Finance Business Unit director, Pau Roig, EADA Corporate director, Jesús López Zaballos, EFFAS President and FEF School director, Miquel Espinosa, general director of EADA Business School, and  Xavier Sánchez Cabanas, EADA's Control Management and Reporting Program director.