The unforgettable experience of David Comín during the Global Executive MBA

14 August 2017
General management and leadership

David Comín The EADA Business School and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Global Executive MBA offers a unique experience to executives with an international outlook wanting to develop management skills in the current global and competitive environment. Over 21 months the participants undertake 8 modules in 5 different countries: Brazil, China, India, Germany, and Spain. One of the students of the class of 2015-17 is David Comín, who after the Master's degree took on the role of Chief Operating Officer in the French multinational GFI Informatique. As he explains in the following interview, thanks to the EADA Business School and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Global Executive MBA, he is now equipped with the tools to develop corporate strategy, marketing initiatives, company financial analysis, and skills to lead a team of more than 50 people.

What was your main motivation for enrolling in the EADA Business School and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Global Executive MBA?
After graduating from Computer Engineering and working for more than 15 years as an IT consultant, I decided that it was time to expand on the knowledge that would allow for a holistic view of the company. I wanted to better understand everything that happens in an organisation and to have a better knowledge of the dynamics and functions of the different areas of the company. Many meetings that I had been attending had involved questions related to finance, marketing or Human Resources, issues I wasn't confident I could manage. When you assume a position of responsibility in a company you must be on top of all these areas or, otherwise, you can make mistakes and end up making wrong decisions. Without a doubt, the best option I had was the EADA Business School and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Global Executive MBA as it allowed me to have a 360º view of the company.

The EADA and HHL Global Executive MBA allowed me to have a 360º view of the company

GEMBA 2015_2017What lessons from the EADA Business School and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Global Executive MBA have you been able to apply in your professional day-to-day?
When I started the Global Executive MBA, I was Account Manager at GFI Informatique. Having completed only the first modules, I was already able to implement very valuable strategy and leadership knowledge. I worked directly with the client, I had to convince them that the solution I proposed was the best solution to their problem. All the soft skills I learned, such as communication and leadership skills, helped me achieve my business objective. Later, specifically in the middle of the Master's, I took on the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the same company, which involved leading a team of about 50 people with different backgrounds, and taking responsibility for new functions such as exploring the financial viability of acquiring potential companies, organising events or talking about partnerships with manufacturers. This was all a challenge that I was able to face thanks to the self-confidence I obtained from the programme. The high level required by the tutors, the classmates' wide experience and the Master's multicultural approach forces you to leave your comfort zone in every way possible.

What is the most notable thing about this programme for you?
In the first place, I would emphasise the case-study practical learning model following material from Harvard, as well as the tutors' high level, all having extensive experience in large multinational companies. This practical approach has allowed me to analyze the complex business from a financial, strategy and marketing point of view. Another important aspect is the international character of the programme, not only because you travel to five countries on three continents but because you share a classroom with people from all over the world who end up being like your family. How we worked out exercises and the debates that were spurred from this multicultural perspective is really interesting. Finally, I would add the networking you do from the first day. Today I am fortunate to have very valuable contacts around the world thanks to the Masters.

The programme approach and the multicultural classes force you to leave your comfort zone

GEMBA What's your best memory?
Traveling to very different countries with a group of colleagues who formed a small representation of the UN, since we came from Germany, Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia, Perú, Italy and Bulgaria, to give just a few examples. We had some unforgettable moments and anecdotes.

What did you learn in the module on leadership and leadership skills taught at the Collbató Residential Training Campus?
Mainly that the way of conveying and implementing ideas is as important as thinking about them. If you don't know how to convey an idea correctly, you may not be able to lead effectively. To do this, I remember that we practiced many techniques for public speaking as well as for managing change in an organisation. We also reflected on flexibility in leadership, adapting to the needs and personal situation of each employee. From all this, I've not only learned techniques for marketing, financial analysis and strategic vision, but also how to think of my employees and superiors differently, enquiring into their motivations, and how to generate a good working environment. ​​​​​​​

Who would you recommend this Master's to?
To people with proven experience, who come from whatever field and want to move their career into a more international environment, which will allow them to better understand different ways of doing business.