Ranking Master in Management Financial Times 2012 - EADA climbs 20 points up

17 September 2012

Barcelona, September 17th 2012.

The EADA International Master in Management now ranks 30th on the Financial Time’s world ranking published today. In 2011 it climbed up thirteen points on the FT ranking and this year it has risen another seven points to number 30. Several criteria are used to classify this management programmes ranking such as salary, career progression, the cost, the percentage of doctorates among the faculty and the presence of women, among other things.

According to Jordi Díaz, EADA’s programmes and international relations director, the leap in the classification is among other things due to Career Progression which measures progression based on level of responsibility and the size of the company that graduates work for. Other aspects where the EADA programme stands out are the students’ high international mobility and the fact that 88% of graduates find employment within three months.