Introduction to Impact Campus - BCN+B Impact Lab

C/ d'Aragó, 204, 08011 Barcelona

On June 30, EADA will once again host the Barcelona+B  Introduction to Impact Campus!


The objective of this Campus is to raise awareness and provide free tools for measuring the triple impact of companies: environmental, social and economic. This training provides training on the latest trends and developments in sustainability management and the business model promoted by the B Corp movement. It is part of one of the three stages of the Barcelona Impact Lab training program for companies.

An educational experience that will also help you to network with other companies that want to integrate the management of their sustainability.



June 30th, 2022

9:30 – 12:30 CEST

We will be waiting for you!


What is Barcelona+B?

Strategic partners of EADA Business School, Barcelona+B is an alliance of companies, universities, foundations, public institutions, entrepreneurs and citizens. In one of the most polluted metropolises in Europe, we seek to improve the social and environmental impact of businesses and citizens while promoting a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive city. Given the need to act in the face of the climate crisis and social inequalities, the goal is that we change the way people and businesses relate to our place of origin by becoming agents of change in a new economic paradigm. We are all Barcelona+B