“Learning by doing” methodology


At EADA Business School, we combine training and consultancy with the development of business strategy, provide solutions and consolidate the processes of change and improvement, thus enhancing the processes of creativity and innovation in organisations.

Our programmes use a combination of methodologies with a 100% practical and active approach based on preparing and discussing real case studies, team work, analysing problems, the drawing up concrete proposals and an action plan.

Our methodology enables us to:


  • Stimulate participation, action and pragmatism.
  • Further the interchange of ideas, self-confidence, discovery and foster self-evaluation.
  • Develop competencies for managing corporate resources, leadering teams and solving problems effectively.
  • Stimulate competencies that are essential to companies, especially the capacity to learn and take decisions for leadership, change and innovation.


This is all done by:


Setting up a work team including our experts and the project managers in the company, with the aim of preparing the best training proposal together.


Contributing to the development of a new experience, providing creative solutions to complex problems.

Having an impact:

Always seeking to have an impact on results from the start of the project and throughout the whole training process, and guaranteeing a high ROI.


Designing flexible solutions and responding to the needs, business culture and organisational skills of our clients.