Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business

10 months
Full time
0 - 3 years
Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Embark on a Career That Shapes the Future

This Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business equips you to lead in the data-driven future. The program goes beyond technical skills, transforming you into a strategic leader who can leverage AI to optimize business operations and drive innovation.

You'll gain expertise in AI technologies, data analysis, and ethical considerations, all while developing strong communication and collaboration skills.

This program is ideal for recent graduates or early-career professionals with a STEM background or a passion for data and modeling, launching you towards a fulfilling career shaping the future of business.

Join us to unlock a world of opportunities where your expertise not only advances your career but also shapes the future of industries.


A unique comprehensive curriculum
integrating solid business management fundamentals, with an in-depth understanding of the use of AI for strategic decision making.


Hands-on experience
with our signature EADA’s Learning by Doing methodology. Dynamics classes, Datathon and much more, in an international environment to boost your professional efficiency.


In-depth knowledge of AI technologies,
including Python programming, database design and the AWS certification of Certified Cloud practitioner.

Think sustainability

Emphasis on ethical considerations, societal impact, and leadership development,
preparing graduates for impactful roles at the intersection of AI and management in various industries.

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Technical Proficiency:

Acquiring in-depth knowledge in AI technologies, including Python programming, database design, and cloud computing, enabling them to effectively leverage AI tools and platforms in business settings.


Strategic Integration:

Developing an understanding of how AI can be strategically integrated into business operations, empowering students to identify opportunities, optimise processes, and drive innovation across diverse industries.


Ethical and Responsible AI:

Instilling a strong sense of ethics and responsibility in AI development and deployment, ensuring that graduates are equipped to navigate complex ethical and legal considerations and uphold societal values in their AI initiatives.


Data-driven Decision Making:

Cultivating the ability to analyse and interpret data effectively, leveraging statistical techniques and business analytics to derive actionable insights and support informed decision-making at both strategic and operational levels.


Collaborative Problem-solving:

Promoting teamwork, communication, and collaboration skills through hands-on projects, industry collaborations and the Leadership Module, preparing students to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams and tackle real-world AI challenges in collaborative environments.

Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Participation mode Face-to-face
Where Barcelona, Spain

Fall intake

October - July

Timetable Monday - Friday | full time
(schedule subject to change)

Who is this master for

Recent graduates and early-career professionals that:

  1. Have a background in STEM and are interested in leveraging their technical skills for a future in business management.
    The programme will provide you with the necessary business acumen to smoothly transition into this new domain.
  2. Come from various backgrounds and may not have direct experience in data science or AI, but possess a strong aptitude for maths and modelling.
    The programme will provide you with the specialised skills needed for AI and data-driven decision-making.

Your School


Your year at EADA is a transformative experience. Our Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business positions you to reimagine and pursue your highest aspirations – both personal and professional.


Enjoy the Barcelona lifestyle

EADA offers a unique learning environment, with the hustle and bustle of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe waiting to be explored just a few steps away.



Get your hands dirty

You actively participate in engaging class discussions, sharing your insights and debating innovative solutions to real business problems – all under the guidance of our experienced faculty.


Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

Small class sizes and individual follow-up make the most of your unique potential. Joint activities allow you to integrate into the larger EADA community without losing that personal touch.

Develop the leader in you

Develop the leader in you

Our intense leadership development programme takes you from the reflection phase right through to implementation, preparing you to be a self-aware, effective leader of change.

Internationalise your profile

Internationalise your profile

There is no better preparation for your future career than spending a year at EADA, with multicultural, multidisciplinary teams working together to solve the business problems facing today’s top companies.


Hack your dream career

With a curriculum focused on AI technologies, innovation and management, regular networking opportunities and recruiting events with top organisations, it is no wonder that graduates have their pick of careers.


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Three-year average

in Europe


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Positive impact Rating 2023

EADA is among the Transforming Schools
(level 4)


The Positive Impact Rating measures how business schools contribute to solving societal challenges by energising the school and its culture, by educating responsible leaders and by being a role model institution.

Your campuses

Your home away from home.

At EADA, we believe that diversity is the spice of life, and we are committed to providing a rich and varied experience for our students. Our unique multi-campus methodology guarantees that your master's will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Barcelona City Centre Campus

EADA-Barcelona City Centre Campus - Professional know-how

Practical, hands-on classes with experienced professionals to develop the strategic vision and problem-solving skills to excel

Residential Training Campus

EADA-Residential Training Campus  - Leadership development

Role plays, outdoor training and business simulations to make you an expert in building relationships and inspiring teams

Exchange Campus

EADA partner schools around the world - a Global mindset

A trimester or a whole year at one of our prestigious partner schools to hone your skills and fine tune your cultural agility

Your Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business

Management Core

  • Global Compass: Geoeconomics & Geopolitics
  • Operations
  • Financial Analysis for Managers
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing: Creating Value
  • Case Methodology

Technology Core

  • Technical Project Management
  • Python Programming
  • Database design and Data analysis
  • Business analytics
  • Cloud computing - AWS (Certification)
  • Technical Case Study
  • Advanced  Python

AI Specialisation *

  • Datathon / Company Collaboration
  • Statistics for Business
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning + LLM
  • AI Ethics & Safety
  • Data Analysis with PowerBi
  • ML Operations and System Design
  • AI for Finance Applications
  • AI for Marketing

Complementary components

  • Datathon / Company Collaboration
  • Company visits, presentations & conferences
  • Practical Final Project
  • Exchange & Double Degree (optional)

Leadership development programme

  • Leading Oneself
  • Leading in Teams
  • Leading across the Organisation
  • Leading Oneself in Society

* Specialisations and courses in each specialisation are subject to change.

Final project

Your final project

Make an Impact.

Develop with your teammates a hands-on project with our corporate partners.

The final project at EADA consists of hands-on collaboration with a company. During the project, students choose a project that requires them to work in small teams for several months. Each project is unique, and students are free to select areas that inspire them the most, whether it's creating machine learning models to forecast electricity consumption or designing financial strategies to maximise revenue.

Throughout the course, students are assigned a mentor from EADA and another from the company. The EADA mentor guides them and helps them leverage the skills acquired in the classroom, while the company mentor assists them in framing the business understanding of the project and navigating its complexities.

Through these collaborations, our students engage in real-world projects, adding value to companies and gaining invaluable experience. Bridging the gap between theory and practice is of utmost importance when preparing future leaders in technology.



Analyse, develop and pitch.

Collaborate with classmates in a 3-day competition to develop the mindset of leading innovators through the Disruptive Innovation methodology.

The Datathon is a week-long immersive competition designed to spark innovation and foster collaboration among students. During this intensive event, participants will work in teams to tackle real-world data science projects provided by leading companies. Throughout the competition, teams will leverage all the knowledge acquired in class to address these business problems.

From a technical perspective, students will analyse real, complex datasets, extract insights, and develop machine learning models for predictions. However, they won't be evaluated solely on technical performance; students will also need to present their results, demonstrate a deep understanding of the business context, and propose actionable solutions.

By working on authentic projects sourced directly from industry partners, students will gain invaluable practical experience and develop the problem-solving skills essential for success in the rapidly evolving field of Artificial Intelligence. The collaborative nature of the Datathon will demand teamwork, communication, and adaptability from students, empowering them to thrive in the dynamic and interdisciplinary environments of their future careers.

    • Problem Understanding: Learn to define real-world problems for data analysis.
    • Data Exploration: Develop your skills processing datasets.
    • Model Development: Build and evaluate machine learning models for predictive purposes.
    • Collaboration: Work effectively in multicultural teams, dividing tasks and sharing insights.
    • Innovation: Explore creative approaches and find out of the box solutions to problems in a short period of time.
    • Presentation: Communicate findings, share insights and propose actionable solutions.

    Your conferences & off-campus visits

    Your conferences & off-campus visits

    See best practices in action.

    Networking with leading professionals in the classroom

    Conferences and off-campus visits in collaboration with leading organisations are an integral part of the programme, providing you with the opportunity to network with world–renowned professionals from around the world. You gain an inside look into the culture and day-to-day life of a wide range of organisations and explore different professions in real operating environments.

    International Business Immersion Week

    International Business Week

    Connections that make the difference.

    The classroom is not where learning ends, but rather where it begins.

    The classroom is not where learning ends, but rather where it begins. With this in mind, we bring you out of the classroom to meet with professionals from diverse fields to get their take on key challenges in business today.

    In a typical year, EADA offers the International Business Immersion Week to all International Masters participants in a variety of cities, including international destinations. Cities are selected in each case for their special mix of innovative business sectors, diversity and cultural significance. The itinerary is organised around a series of company visits, workshops, cultural events and connections to EADA alumni. Last year's participants chose from Barcelona, Berlin and Milan.

    • Extend your network
    • Learn from experts in the field
    • Discover a fresh perspective
    • Connect with your classmates

    Awarded degrees

    Participants who successfully complete the programme will receive the degree "Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business" from EADA Business School. Participants with an undergraduate degree that is officially recognised in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) or equivalent are also eligible for the university degree "Máster Universitario en Gestión Empresarial Especialidad en Gestión Empresarial Internacional" (Master in Business Management specialisation in International Business Management) worth 60 ECTS from the Universidad de Vic-Universidad Central de Catalunya.

    Latest News

    Latest news

    Find out more about the EADA experience on our blog with alumni stories and the latest news about the school and programmes.

    The face of EADA

    The face of EADA

    Get a peek at what it's like to be a student at EADA with photos of on and off-campus events, current students and alumni and international business trips.

    This Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business equips you to lead in the data-driven future. The program goes beyond technical skills, transforming you into a strategic leader who can leverage AI to optimize business operations and drive innovation.

    You'll gain expertise in AI technologies, data analysis, and ethical considerations, all while developing strong communication and collaboration skills.